Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bountiful Harvest

We are now starting to get a good crop from our vege garden and orchard. Today we picked our first corn, apples and plums. So, for dinner tonight we had our own corn, beans, spinach and overgrown zuchinni. This was followed by stewed plums and icecream. Everything tastes so much better when it was only picked a few minutes before eating.
Yesterday, I ducked up to Orange and collected my sewing machines. They are all serviced and ready to go.
Now, the only hold up is me! I have decided that I am not to do any more sewing until I get Mick's work paperwork up to date. Since Christmas I have paid the bills but that is about it. I need to get everything entered and the BAS (quarterly taxation reporting) done by the end of next week. The joys of being self employed.
Then I'll be back into the sewing.

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Sandi said...

It's great when you can pick your own produce from the garden. I love fresh sweet corn. You are right, it does taste better when just picked. We have lots of limes at the moment. Every visitor gets some to take home :)