Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Splendid Sampler II - For The Love

I was finding this block a bit fiddly and didn't finish it straight away.  I even thought I would take it on our holidays to finish off.  

However, I got my act together and finished it now.  I'm glad I persevered, as it was another block that has given me more confidence with different techniques.

Now I am up to date for just a couple of days.

Time to see what they all look like together.

I think this is going to look rather pretty.  

Now I have to wait till we get back from our trip and then do a big catch up on a few blocks.


Fiona said...

well done.... although I am not doing SS this time I do agree that they teach you lots of things and trying out new techniques but in a small block - that helps you know if you want to do more!

Have a lovely trip...

loulee said...

That is going to be a very pretty quilt.
Good on you for persevering. A great confidence builder.

Louise L said...

They look wonderful together. The colours are gorgeous. Have a great trip.

Maria said...

Great job of getting the block done , looks fab...
All the blocks look lovely together..

Safe travels .Have a great holiday.

Anthea said...

Wow that one does look fiddly Janice, well done on a pretty result!
The splendid sampler looks to be harder this time, and quite 'different' to the previous series... or is that just my perception?
All your blocks look great together.