Friday, 16 February 2018

The Sunshine State

We've been back home from our trip for a few days now, so it is time to fill you in on the rest of our travels.

I left you last time when we were at Theodore.  As we were getting ready to leave the campground there was a fair bit of activity on the highway, with police cars going through.  We figured that something BIG must be on its way.

Yep!  That is just the cab of a truck on the low loader.  You can see the axles sticking out, so some very BIG wheels still have to go on.

A second truck had the tip tray.

Our destination was Rockhampton.  The photo is a bit foggy.

That's because our arrival broke the drought.  There had been next to no rain since last summer.

The reason for our trip was to attend a party.  It was very colourful, with all the fellows wearing Hawaiin shirts. 

Then to include the girls everyone wore leis.  It really made it fun.

No trip up that way would be complete without a visit to "the beach" as the locals refer to Yappoon.  Not really the usual sand and sunshine.  Due to the super moon they were receiving king tides.  That coupled with the wet, windy weather made it all a bit wild.  It rained out there for most of the time we were in the area.

We were lucky enough to get a break in the weather and get a coffee from "Ruby" the coffee van.  What a cute setting, complete with yarn bombing, bunting and vintage linens made into tablecloths.  Their coffee cups were even customised with artwork featuring Ruby.

There was a juvenile blue faced honeyeater in the trees.  I love seeing birds that we aren't used to.

The obligatory boat photo.

On our last day in the area the weather fined up and we were able to take a photo of the view of the hills from Gary & Linda's verandah.  It is amazing how the countryside responds to even a little rain.

Before we left I even remembered to take a photo of us with our hosts Gary and Linda, who have been friends for many years.  We first met in Sydney waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania to go to the 2006 Ulysses Club AGM rally.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice what a lovely time you had away. Mick looks good in his Hawaiian skirt sounds like a fun party .Love your story of how you met your friends,shame the weather wasnt better for you,love your pics Janice thankyou for sharing xx

Fiona said...

Great trip.... and I love the Hawaain looks - with matching accessories no less!

Jenny said...

I'm sure that everyone is very happy that your arrival broke the drought! Such a lovely photo of you two in your Hawaiian finery.

Gail said...

What a fun time you had! I too enjoy seeing birds that are not common to my area. Boats are always worthy of a few photos!