Thursday, 1 February 2018

One Monthly Goal for February

It's time to plan my goal for another month.

Life got a little crazy at the end of January, so I didn't end up getting the binding hand sewn onto my blue and white Modern Half Square Triangle Sampler quilt.

Therefore, it is a no brainer that my goal this month is to get it done and dusted.  We have  busy start to the month, but it should still be well and truly achievable.

It won't be an official goal, but I would like to get my next three blocks made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'm looking forward to getting the details of the new block in the sampler and the colour.  Bring it on.

Of course, I want to continue to work on my list of UFOs. I just have to decide which to focus on next.

I'm linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice i love this quilt you are so close to a finish my friend ,you are doing so well xx

Marly said...

You are so close to a finish Janice. I see the binding is already attached, so one evening would be all it takes to get it finished. Here's hoping that this month is less hectic than last.

Rebecca Grace said...

You are so close, Janice! I'm not sure what a busy schedule looks like for you, but if it involves any waiting around, packing up that quilt and taking it with you might help. I have put a quilt into a clean plastic trash bag for transport, with my thread and hand stitching supplies in my purse, so I can just grab it on my way out the door. And then I hand stitch binding down during my son's violin lesson, or while waiting at the doctor's office, in a carpool line, etc. The plastic trash bag keeps the quilt clean and I just need to pull out the part of the binding edge that I'm currently stitching. You can use a CLEAR plastic bag if you're nervous about someone mistaking your quilt for ACTUAL trash! Good luck with your OMG this month!

Patty said...

Good luck on your binding.Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

Fiona said...

lovely quilt... I wonder if it's travelling with you... looking forward to seeing you

Quilty Fred said...

You will get into it! Your binding is great!