Friday, 23 February 2018

A Weekend of Motorcycles....and Flowers

Last Saturday we attended the Bathurst Street and Custom Motorcycle Show.  This was hosted by the Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club and has been running for ten years.  We've never been able to attend before as it has always clashed with the Bathurst Swap Meet, but the date was changed this year so we went along.

There were several motorcycle related events on the weekend so Mick decided that he would take in both of the sidecars, so there would be something to look at.  There ended up being five sidecars on show. The red one between our two really took our eye, as it was a Moto Guzzi.  It turned out that it is locally owned and this was its first time ever to be shown.  Not surprisingly, it won best vintage bike of the show.

There were so many bikes, which was really pleasing to see.  The majority were Harleys, but it was wonderful to see all the different variations and the love that goes into them.

This trike was definitely different.

This little one was about my favourite.  The name says it all.  It comes from Orange and the owner obviously had a lot of fun putting it together.  It sounded very crisp too.

There was only the one rat rod on show.

The day was hot, but not oppressive and most people were happy sitting in the shade listening to the band after lunch.

It was only after they finished playing that we realised that the fellow on the left of the stage was a mate of Mick's from way back.  As Mick said, the last time he had seen him they were very drunk together as young bucks.  Den Hanrahan has gone on to have a very successful musical career.  It was nice to catch up after all this time.

At the end of the show there were trophy presentations.  Mick was a little shocked when his name was called out.  The class was "Best Adventure or Off Road Bike".  "Snubby" the silver side car won, as there weren't really any others in the class.  Just the same, it was very nice and at least there was something on show in the class.

Now for the flowers.......

The show was right in the centre of town and the park gardens were looking very colourful.  

The best thing was that the local paper had just recently announced that the Begonia House in Machattie Park has just opened for the year's display.  As we had plenty of time to kill we went along for a look see.

They really are a treat.

So many different colours and varieties.

Right next door is "The Fernery", which dates back to the 1880s.

Another lovely feature in the park.

On Sunday we took "Olga" the old girl out for a run.  We joined the Panorama Motorcycle Club late last year as they have a section for old bikes.  It has taken us this long to actually get on a ride with them. Our destination was The Rockley Pub for a breakfast run.  They have converted their dining room into a cafe and they do a very tasty breakfast.  I think the gourmet egg and bacon roll was the best I've every had.  A sentiment echoed by others as well.  It was a great run and very well attended.  As it turns out, we knew a heck of a lot of the other members, so it was very social.  Hopefully, we can join them on some more runs this year.


Michelle Ridgway said...

Popping over to visit from my good friend Fiona BubzRugz. Looks like a great weekend....bikes and blooms! My hubby would have loved all the bikes x

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice wow what a great post and well done to Mick,i loved the trike with the carriage it would be very comfortable to ride on,lots of amazing bikes and how lovely that Mike got to catch up with an old friend. Oh Janice those flowers are amazing and the colours gorgeous,thankyou for sharing your adventure with us my friend xx

Chookyblue...... said...

What a fun day....... Love the begonia house.....

loulee said...

Way to go Snubby, and she certainly has been on some adventures. Great that Mick got to meet an old mate.

Fiona said...

what a fun day out and those gardens look lovely and cool ..... well done Mick!!!


Jenny said...

Good for Snubby.. the gardens are lovely