Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Our Christmas Lights

Last year I shared here how our new home is in the centre of a popular Christmas Lights neighbourhood, with the house just up the road being one of the main decorated houses and how we made our own little contribution.

Well, this year we have put up just a couple more lights.  Still only a modest display compared to many of our neighbours.

Firstly, I need to show you our front garden in the day time.  It is rather different to this time last year when it was just newly planted.  "Mervyn" and "Murial" still look quite at home there.  Plenty of feed for them, and fortunately, they haven't destroyed the flowers.  The rose has just finished its first flush of flowers and is now starting to bud up again.  It looked a picture in bloom.

I was amazed, when I looked at last year's photos at how much it has filled out. 

We have just made a couple of additions this year.  I bought a little string of lights for inside, thinking they were white, but they ended up being multicoloured, perfect for twisting around our wreath on the front door.  It looked rather sad, being all dark at night.

We decided that a star on the gable above the garage would be nice, but we couldn't find a nice one in the shops, so Mick got creative and we now have a "bespoke" star.  He made a star out of flat steel and we then attached a length of rope lights to it.  We are rather pleased with how it turned out.  We had a string of white lights that weren't doing much, so we got a flower pot and put in the frame we use to grow our snow peas, which have just finished their season.  Wrap the lights around the frame, which coincidentally were just the right length, and you have a nice little tree.  Perfect.

That's enough lights for this year.  Who knows, there may be more added next year, or we may leave it as it is.


Chookyblue...... said...

Just beautiful........

Jenny said...

Just lovely. If we were staying home over Christmas Robin would be putting a few lights up outside, they always look so pretty.

Fiona said...

the outside of your place looks lovely.... the garden bed is so pretty

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,wow your home looks so beautiful and pretty,i love what you have done and i love Mick's star,he is so clever,Merry Xmas my friends xx

Anthea said...

Lovely Festive lights there Janice!
Merry Christmas! x