Friday 29 December 2017

A Lovely Christmas Gift

My good friend Loulee, or Manxgirl, who I met years ago on the Isle of Man sent us a gorgeous Christmas gift.

I was to open one present as soon as it arrived, but I was being super strong, so didn't open the envelope until Christmas, so didn't realise.  Anyway, there is a really cute cross stitched ornament, which will look lovely on our twig Christmas tree.  There are quite a few ornaments from Lou on there.

The main gift just blew us away! Lou knows we love the racing at the Isle of Man and this is just gorgeous.  The entire picture is cross stitched.  So much work, and beautifully executed.  The Manx fabric top and bottom finishes it off nicely.

Mick straight away announced that it will be hanging in the office.

Thanks so much Lou.  It really is appreciated.

I can't share Lou's gift yet, as I'm not sure if it has arrived in the post as yet.


loulee said...

Still no post here. But I'm glad yours arrived safe and well. I enjoyed stitching it for you and knew you would both appreciate it. XX

Jenny said...

How lovely - a very special gift indeed from a special friend!

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh that is just perfect......

Jenny said...

How nice is that. Its lovely to get those little surprises.