Thursday, 16 April 2015

Quick Trip North – Part 4 – The Final Instalment


We were amazed at how difficult it was to find a cafe open for Breakfast in the main street of Toowoomba on a Sunday morning, but when we did find one it was lovely.

Another clock tower was spotted.

March 2015 Trip North 143

After our brief visit to Toowoomba we continued our drive south, following the New England Highway.  We continued to enjoy the scenery of the Darling Downs.

March 2015 Trip North 149

A church spire, in Warwick.

March 2015 Trip North 157

Some stunning rock formations, the region isn’t known as the Granite Belt for nothing.

March 2015 Trip North 161

We had a brief stop at some markets at Tenterfield and bought some bulbs for the garden.  Yep, I forgot to take photos again. Doh!

Next stop was at the little town of Drinkwater, where we saw an “Antiques” sign.  It was a relatively new business and he had some great stuff.  No, we didn’t buy the Reo.

March 2015 Trip North 162

As we reached the Glen Innes area we were once again treated to wonderfully coloured trees.

March 2015 Trip North 165

We could see smoke for ages as we drove along, finally coming to the source, near Bendemeer.

March 2015 Trip North 173

Down the Moombi Hills towards Tamworth.

March 2015 Trip North 175

We had travelled from the Darling Downs to the Liverpool Plains.  Two of the best farming districts in the country.

March 2015 Trip North 178

Our destination for the night on Saturday was Gunnedah.  We have stayed here a few times and really like the town.  We usually stay at the same motel.  I’m glad I phoned ahead earlier in the day, as the “No Vacancy” sign was up when we arrived. 

March 2015 Trip North 184

I’m not sure how I came to be taking photos of clock towers along the way this trip.  Each trip seems to accidently have a theme.  In New Zealand it was pretty churches, this time clock towers.  There really were some stunners.

March 2015 Trip North 182

We are turning into creatures of habit, as we always eat at the Ex-Services Club.  The food is fabulous, as is the case in most clubs in smaller towns.

March 2015 Trip North 186


There was no need to be up and away too early on Sunday, which was a nice change. This was just a nice easy drive home over roads we are familiar with.

We were amazed at the numerous jetstreams going all over the place when we were near Tambar Springs.

March 2015 Trip North 188

The countryside was looking good near Coolah.

March 2015 Trip North 201

We did make one detour.  We have been meaning to visit “The Drip” for ages, but just haven’t been able to get there.  Now we know what facilities are there (a drop dunny) and how far it is to walk in, we will try to arrange a group of us to go over one day…….we just have to find the time to make it happen.

March 2015 Trip North 202

There were lovely, wispy clouds over Lake Windermere.  Notice how dry it is looking. 

March 2015 Trip North 210

We noticed that the closer we got to home the dryer it looked.  We desperately needed rain.

March 2015 Trip North 218

And look, while we were away the trees started to change colour here too.

March 2015 Trip North 220

So that’s it.  We travelled just over 4,000kms in ten days.  We spent time with lots of people that we wanted to see, at Nundle, Kingscliff, Rockhampton and Toowoomba.  We visited new places and enjoyed revisiting others.  The weather was good, often quite hot, with the exception of one wet afternoon.

Now we will have to settle down for a little while.  We have no holiday plans in the pipeline for some time.  Mind you, we still have plenty on our plate this year with planning building our new home.


Sue W ♥ said...

Hope you waved to my dad when you drove through Tambar Springs.

Thank you for the gorgeous photos loved them all

Louise Jane said...

What a wonderful trip you had. We've just arrived in Orange via Nundle, Coonabarabran and Dubbo from the Clarence Valley (sorry we gave you rain on the way up but that was probably more hospitable than the humidity we have had). Tomorrow we off to Oberon and then the Central Coast. The autumn colours are just stunning and we are enjoying it so much. Hopefully the weather might cool down a bit though!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice thankyou for sharing your wonderful pics with us,Australia is such a beautiful country.xx

Ali Honey said...

Great photos. My favourite is the 9th one...that looks so far into the distance.
I had to get my atlas out to see exactly where you went..... right up to the Tropic of Capricorn! . It's a long way.
Maybe I will see some of that in person one day.

Fiona said...

I've been enjoying your road trip... if you are up Toowoomba way again I would love to catch up for a coffee...