Friday, 20 September 2013

Renovator’s Delight

While travelling around the Isle of Man we saw lots of old stone buildings falling into disrepair and thought it was a pity that they weren’t maintained, but you have to be realistic. 

Well, while visiting one spot we were shown an old cottage that the new owner is planning to renovate/restore and then add to.

IOM 19 Aug 13 014

It even comes with a sky light.

IOM 19 Aug 13 013

It is heritage listed, so there are lots of restrictions as to what can be done.

IOM 19 Aug 13 015


IOM 19 Aug 13 016

I love the idea of saving old buildings, but I’m glad it’s not me taking on this job.

I did see some pretty poppies near by.

IOM 19 Aug 13 002

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