Saturday, 21 September 2013

Practice at Ballaugh Bridge

Thursday evening of practice week produced the best weather of the week after a misty day.  Ballaugh Bridge is a popular place to watch the races due to the hump back bridge and “The Raven” pub is rather conveniently placed.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 081

While waiting for the practice to start we watched the world go by.  Tractors with trailers are common on the roads.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 080

The houses across the road.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 158

On the right hand post of the front fence (just to the right of the above photo) there is a memorial to a previous TT rider.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 082

A professional photographer was set up with a remotely controlled camera. Rather technical.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 132

This couple and their dog were settled on the roof of their entry foyer, having an excellent view of the bridge.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 131

So what about the bikes?  They come over the bridge.  Unfortunately, the sun was in a difficult position for photos.  This Triumph sounded wonderful every time it went past.  Note that he just rode over the bridge.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 111

There are several different styles of tackling the bridge.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 114

Many completely  leave the road, although, they generally weren’t as spectacular as the TT.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 115

Once they cross the bridge, they disappear around the corner of the pub.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 126

Here they come, around the corner of the pub.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 104

They fly past the beer garden.  Impossible for me to take a clear photo – just too fast for my camera.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 152

Then, off they go into the distance.  You can see here just how close they go past us.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 140

This was as far as this poor fellow got.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 108

Unfortunately, proceedings came to a stop when the session was red flagged.  Never good.  However, it wasn’t as bad as it sometimes is.  There were four accidents around the course within a couple of minutes, which was too much to deal with.  No one seriously injured.  Phew!  It was just enough to end the evening’s practice.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 159

The only thing to do then was go into the pub and find a cosy nook to have dinner.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 161

While waiting for dinner to arrive we had fun looking at all the interesting names of beers on the tap badges on display on the ceiling beams.  They do well to come up with all the creative names.

IOM 2013 22 Aug 13 164

Then it was time to head back home before it got too dark.


Kaiy said...

It is so weird seeing pictures of my homeland from a "tourist" point of view. And my mum in them too!..

It is good to see that you had a good time. I will be continuing to read with intrigue as and when "pad'a'one" is settled in her chair or playing on one of "nana Lou's" famous blankets.


Kaiy said...

I forgot to say... The cask beer tags on the walls Damson Porter is SUPERB

Cardygirl said...

Great DH is following your journey too and loving it!