Sunday, 1 September 2013

Island at War – Port Erin

On the first weekend we were here there was one of the popular WWII events held here on the Isle of Man.  Like most of these events held across Britain, it was mainly based around the steam railway. The Steam Railway runs from Douglas in the north to Port Erin in the south.

On Saturday we planned on going to Port Erin for a look see, even though the main happenings were in Douglas that day (moving to Port Erin on Sunday).

Unfortunately, the weather decided not to play.  It was bleak, windy and foggy, but that didn’t stop us getting out and about. I know, windy and foggy don’t seem to go together, but that is what there was.  There was even surf at the usually quiet Port St Mary – with surfers.

IOM 17 Aug 13 006

The engine was just topping up its water before hooking up to the carriages to head back to Douglas.

IOM 17 Aug 13 011

People are encouraged to dress up for the era.

IOM 17 Aug 13 017 

IOM 17 Aug 13 023

IOM 17 Aug 13 024

Mick was fascinated with the armoury protecting the station.

IOM 17 Aug 13 016

The Shuttleworth Snap replica was on hand, as it often is.

IOM 17 Aug 13 012

There were also a few old vehicles on display.

IOM 17 Aug 13 020

Of course, you can’t see any vehicle in the next photo, it is so well camouflaged.

IOM 17 Aug 13 019

After we had our look around we headed off to the folk village of Cregneash, where they were having displays featuring the contributions made by the land army girls.

We’ll just follow this lovely old bus.

IOM 17 Aug 13 031

IOM 17 Aug 13 029

IOM 17 Aug 13 028

See you there.

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