Sunday, 8 September 2013

Island at War - Cregneash

At the folk village of Cregneash, they were having displays featuring the contributions made by the land army girls to the war effort in WWII.

It was quite eerie going down to the village, with the mist swirling around.  Is it really there, or just a ghostly apparition?

IOM 17 Aug 13 037

IOM 17 Aug 13 042

Our first visit was to the carpenter’s shop.

IOM 17 Aug 13 044

Then next door to the blacksmith’s shop, where this chap regaled us with yarns about blacksmiths and how the war affected village life.

IOM 17 Aug 13 048

We were entertained by these two ladies who performed a short play on how the war affected the ladies of the island.  The characters were the farmer’s wife who had the help of a land army girl and the guest house owner who hosted German internees.  It was really well done, with three scenes depicting various stages of the war.

IOM 17 Aug 13 093

This was followed by a tea dance, where the visitors were taught how to dance.  Mick and I gave up, as I think Mick has two left feet and I have two right feet.  It was too funny.

IOM 17 Aug 13 054

We escaped back out into the farmyard.

IOM 17 Aug 13 055

Next door in the barn We enjoyed watching a bumble catcher being made.  They were traditionally a rattle made from reeds and a bumble bee was put in side.  Now they use shells for the rattle.

IOM 17 Aug 13 068

It is fascinating see how quickly they come together.

IOM 17 Aug 13 067

Here are the makings.

IOM 17 Aug 13 058

NO farm is complete without a resident cat.  I had a lovely smooch with this one. Do you notice something missing?  Yes, this is a Manx cat, which is born with no tail.

IOM 17 Aug 13 074

We next visited a cottage where the domestic arts were on show. I’m fascinated with the Isle of Man patchwork.  It is quite unique and I really must have a go.  I think I said this back in 2009.  Can’t rush things.

IOM 17 Aug 13 077

In the lovely, warm kitchen the range was hard at work.

IOM 17 Aug 13 084

It was really interesting seeing what your food ration looked like on a table.  It is one thing to read a list, but this made it seem much more realistic.

IOM 17 Aug 13 080

The ladies had to be innovative with the ingredients available to them.  They still made some lovely food.

IOM 17 Aug 13 090

Out in the laundry butter was being made.  It is rather labour intensive to make by hand.  The buttermilk is used to make soda bread on the peat fire.

IOM 17 Aug 13 085

Back outside, the local gents were showing off their old farm machinery.

IOM 17 Aug 13 094

In the garden they were practising “Dig for Victory”.  The more you could grew, the better you ate.

IOM 17 Aug 13 097

We love the thatched cottages.  See how low the door is behind Mick.  You can always tell when a cottage used to have a thatched roof, if there are stones sticking out of the sides of the walls.

IOM 17 Aug 13 102

Meanwhile, the mist was getting thicker, however, it wasn’t wet.

IOM 17 Aug 13 108

It was nice to see the native Loaghtan sheep up close.  Their wool is a lovely caramel colour.  They are also a good meat sheep, with some local butchers offering it in their stores.

IOM 17 Aug 13 115

It was nice just wandering around admiring everything.

IOM 17 Aug 13 116

IOM 17 Aug 13 127

IOM 17 Aug 13 120

IOM 17 Aug 13 119 

IOM 17 Aug 13 121

IOM 17 Aug 13 128

IOM 17 Aug 13 150

IOM 17 Aug 13 151

 IOM 17 Aug 13 153

IOM 17 Aug 13 156

Of course, all this fresh air worked up an appetite, so we visited the tea rooms for a very late lunch come afternoon tea.  I really enjoy the Bannough they make at Cregneash.  It was on my wish list to have some this visit.

IOM 17 Aug 13 136

After our visit to Cregneash, we continued on our way to The Sound, which is the most southern point on the island.  Once again, it had a rather surreal feel in the mist.  Previously we have visited in nice, sunny weather.

IOM 17 Aug 13 180 

IOM 17 Aug 13 160

IOM 17 Aug 13 171

And then we headed back home, as the mist started to lift just a little.

IOM 17 Aug 13 182

It was a great day out, despite the weather.  Fortunately, for the organisers, the weather was much better on the Sunday, so hopefully lots of people enjoyed the event, which so much work had gone into organising.


loulee said...

Got a big loughtan leg for our dinner today! Yum.

Ali Honey said...

very interesting seeing all the older things. Some lovely blue and white ( willow pattern? ) china there and the red ones you had your tea with.
Didn't quite understand what the bumble bees had to do with the rattle?( was it a toy or were they trying to catch bumble bees? )

Kayly said...

Is it my imagination or did that sheep have 3 horns?
Love the travelogue.
Glad you are having a good time.