Thursday, 9 December 2010

OK! It Can Now Stop Raining.

The reason behind this statement is that our dam is now officially full.

We had a heavy storm early this morning and the runoff everywhere around here was amazing.  We had a river of about 2 inches flowing through my side of our shed.  Hopefully nothing of importance got wet.  Mick has been out digging trenches this afternoon.


Remember the photo of our jetty from Sunday here, well it is now below water.


When Mick built the jetty it was to the same level as the spillway of the dam.  However, over the last decade  quite a bit of grass has grown in the spillway, so it is banking the water up a bit more. 

I didn’t go across the causeway on the way to work or back, but Mick came home that way late this morning.  There has been some serious flow down the creek. (This is a creek that rises very fast, but also drops relatively quickly.)  This photo was taken  mid afternoon from the opposite side of the creek from my photos here and here and the water had gone down quite a lot from this morning.


My heart goes out to the people in much worse conditions than ours.  On the scheme of things we haven’t received much rain today, only just over an inch in a very sharp storm.  Looking at the radar some areas have had really heavy rain all day and last night.  I hope it all ends soon.

PS.  We haven’t caught any yabbies in the trap.  At Bookworm’s suggestion we moved it shallower water, and after a couple of day changed the bait, but not a nibble.  We may not have any yabbies in the dam.  Oh well, it was a bit of fun anyway.


Terry said...

I wondered where the jetty was in that first picture! Seems a lot of folks are dealing with serious flooding right now. Stay safe!

loulee said...

OK, but don't send it to us!!
Hopefully you'll start to dry out soon. Our extra cold snap seems to have ended, we were back up to +8 today.

Chookyblue...... said...

yes we got another down pour last night........

Sandi Butler said...

I hope all this rain and flooding disappears soon.....I think they are predicting rain for the weekend up here on the 'Sunshine Coast'.....