Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Day and SSCS Gift Reveal

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Day. 

Despite the predictions, the weather was fine and sunny, but not too hot, the company was great, everyone was nice and relaxed and the food was good (if I say so myself).

2010-12-27 December 2010

I had a surprise phone call from a friend from primary school on Christmas Eve, so she and her daughter also joined us for Christmas lunch.  We try to see each other at Christmas, but it isn’t always possible, so this was a lovely bonus.

As always, there are lots of lovely gifts.  I was really excited about opening my SSCS Gift from Linda.  I think Mick, my Mum and Mick’s Mum were as excited as I was.

Finally getting to open the parcel.    Wow! What a gorgeous Santa. Ooh!  Look at that!  I get to try some Hershey’s chocolates!  That put a smile on my face. Mick’s Mum thought the bag was just lovely.

Ooh! How Exciting

Here is a clearer photo of the lovelies I received.

December 2010 115

A beautiful Santa table topper.   However, I think he will become a wall hanging as he just so lovely.  He is all worked in wool. Gorgeous stitching by Linda.

December 2010 119

The bag is nice and roomy.

December 2010 121

It also has lots of practical pockets.

December 2010 122

There was also some peppermint bark hiding in there as well.

Thanks so very  much Linda.  You did spoil me.  Thanks also to Chookyblue for all her work organising this swap.

Now, I’ll just show a couple of other gifts I received.

My dear friend Loulee from the Isle of Man sent a mysterious parcel.  Look what was inside.

December 2010 129

I wonder how she knew I like Cath Kidston?  Let’s see what what is inside.

December 2010 132

Aren’t they terrific.  I’m sure they will get used lots. Thanks so much Lou and Tony.

Finally, Mum gave me these.

December 2010 125

Some quilting gloves and a slice of pink cake.  When you turn it over it is revealed to be a fat quarter.

December 2010 126

How clever is that!   She found them at a quilt shop in Boorowa.  I think we’ll have to visit one day.


Tracy said...

Your gifts are lovely. Chookyblue's swap is amazing, so many lovely things.
Your Christmas table setting is gorgeous too.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lovely gifts Janice, you were spoilt.....look at your gorgeous green glass, love that cake stand..

Cubby House Crafts said...

Lovely gifts, it's been quite exciting going around everyone blogs and finding what they have received and sent!

Chookyblue...... said...

oh what excitement at your house for your SSCS........
beautiful gifts from Linda.....Santa would be a nice wall hanging.........and it is a lovely bag.......she makes heaps of bags......
Thanks for being part for the SSCS 2010....

your other gifts are lovely too and trust Peg to post the green glass......she loves it too......

loulee said...

Oooh! You got spoiled. Love that baggie with the dragonflies on. I'm glad you like your mugs. :-)
You told me you like Cath Kidston Silly! LOL
Happy New Year.

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous gifts! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

teresa said...

Wow you got some really lovely presents Janice! Glad someone got some sun on Christmas Day as well!

Linda said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the gifts...I had fun making them and all girls need chocolate!

Sandi Butler said...

You received some lovely christmas things; the santa is very cute, and your new bag would be great to put sewing bits and bobs in.
Love the new Cath Kidston mugs too!