Sunday, 12 July 2009

Over the Rainbow

It has been a lovely sunny morning here this morning…..and then…..there was a noise…..rain…..I rushed out the back to take off the washing I had just hung and was confronted by this.....

The most beautiful full double rainbow……and to top it off….. you can just see the moon setting between the two rainbows.
I couldn’t get the full rainbow in my photo, but just take it from me, it was stunning.

Just after I took the photos it was gone.
On the crafting front, I have been quite busy, believe it or not.
Although this doesn't count as a July finish, I have finished my second knitted square for Wrapped with Love and have delivered them to the local library. They are having a "Knit In" on 7 August. The wool was just long enough, I'd only have a couple of metres left. This was finished earlier than expected (my knitting at Mick's Dad's project) as we went in to watch the first session of the Ashes cricket match.
I have also knitted two more short scarfs (I'll try to take photos later today) and have started another scarf in lovely purples (so that I have some knitting for the State of Origin Football on Wednesday).
I also stumbled across a new swap about to start. Jodie of Jellywares is having a wash cloth swap. I have never made one, so decided there is no time like the present. I found some patterns on Ravelry and bought some cotton and have made a start on one for me as a trial. Thoroughly enjoying it. No photos, as I will probably use this pattern for the swap.

Yesterday I finally was able to go to our little patchwork group again, after missing three sessions. It was nice to catch up with everyone again and see what they have been up to. Although it is supposedly a patchwork group, a couple were embroidering (including me getting back into the Verandah Views blocks) and most were knitting. None were doing patchwork.
I did a show and tell of all my bits and pieces I brought home from the Isle of Man. I think I will have to make a pincushion from the Roof Pattern and then show the others. When I get around to it....
Mick is at work today (although hopefully knocking off at lunch), so I am starting my Blue Wren panel. I'm starting to think I'll just make it into a wallhanging and then make a separate quilt that will suit Mum's bedroom better. We'll see.


loulee said...

What a beauty. No rainbows here just rain, torrential rain!
Must dash, I'm working this morning.

Julie said...

Great rainbow shots, by the time I get my camera out they are usually gone.