Sunday, 12 July 2009

Blue Wrens and Lovely Things

I had a great time today doing the appliqué on the blue wren. Yes, it is just going to be a wallhanging and I’ll make a separate quilt.

I just have to do a bit of embroidery to finish off the panel before doing the borders etc. I’m quite pleased with the way it is coming up.
I also finished knitting my wash cloth. I do like it and the yarn matches our towels and bathroom so well.

Mick picked up his old BMW bike from our mate Norm today. There had still been an electrical fault and Mick just couldn’t find it. He spent hours and hours looking for it. It just needed a fresh set of eyes and Norm has now found and fixed the incorrectly wired fitting. So, the bike should be up and running and registered in the not too distant future and we will be able to start using it. It is our hope to take this bike and sidecar over to the Isle of Man next time we go.

Norm and Cath sent this little gift home for me. They bought it at an auction last week in a box of stuff.
What a lovely thing. A Hussef. (I hope I have spelt that correctly.) My dad still has his from his army days, although his is quite different. This will definitely find a home in my collection of bits and pieces.
I bought another lovely thing yesterday when I was in town. I noticed in the “Garage Sales” section of the local paper that the second hand book shop had 50% off everything. I had been eyeing off an old 1950’s Singer Sewing Book, but have been too ikey to pay for it. So, I went straight to that section and it was not there!!! Mind you, it is quite a while since I have been in there. Anyway, I had a good rummage in the craft section and buried on the bottom shelf I found this. A Singer Sewing Book dated 1972.
The dust jacket is somewhat tattered, but the book is in perfect condition. I love the section on how to use all those wonderful old Singer attachments. I have LOTS of Singer attachments. Not only do they fit my old Singers (I have my Grandmother’s 1918 model and a 222K Featherweight and a couple of others), they also fit my Elna and Janome. I’m looking forward to having a play one day.


Sandi said...

Your wren applique is gorgeous!
When hubby was in the Air Force, he had a little sewing kit called a 'housewife'. Yours is very cute in it's little leather case.
Groovy book :)

Tammy James said...

what wonderful old treasures you have there and your blue wren is lovely.

Bec said...

how cool is that hussef!
My mum has that same sewing book, not sure where she got it from but she has had it as long as I can remember.
The blue wren applique looks gorgeous! Fabulous colour placement, well done!