Saturday, 2 May 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...And Other Stuff

It seems that there is a mass exodus from here to the northern hemisphere at the moment. So many people we know are headed off on holidays. Most importantly, our friends Norm and Cath set off on Wednesday for their trip. We will next see them in 5 weeks on the Isle of Man!!!

Yes, it is only 3 weeks today until we fly out to spend 3 weeks on the Isle of Man, with Norm and Cath joining us for the last 10 days. We will spend a week playing the tourist and then watch motorcycle racing for 2 weeks. I also get to meet Lou from Manxgirl, which I'm looking forward to.

It was Mick's wish to go to the IoM TT races again for his 50th birthday, instead of a party, and we arrive on his birthday. He will have a really long birthday as we will go through so many time zones on that day. There won't be much celebrating though, as we will be too tired, having been up for about 48 hours by the time we get there. It will probably just be a pint of Guinness at the Glue Pot and then to bed.

It will be upon us in no time. I think I will have to do some organising soon!!!

On another note, the mystery of the wood fairy from a week ago was revealed. Yes, it was my dad's birthday present to Mick. Picture this...... my 90 year old dad organises a load of wood to be delivered to their house in town, presumably just dumped on the ground.......he then proceeds to load it all into his box trailer...... then he and my nearly 80 year old mother drive out to our place.......and proceed to unload it and stack it all very neatly in our woodshed!!! By the way, this is not just small pieces of wood, but ironbark railway sleepers cut into foot long pieces....seriously heavy stuff. This was all done 3 weeks before I noticed it - it just wasn't cold enough to light the fire. They are amazing, but I wish they would start to take things a little easier.

On the crafting front, I went to Spotlight on Thursday to buy a bigger crochet hook and came home with this...

I just liked the colours. It is a blend of corn and acrylic and is destined to be a scarf (but not a reeeeeaally wide one:>) I am using Lucy's Neat Ripple pattern which I will use on my ripple cushion. This is a good practice run. Even though the pattern lends itself to stripes, it is still defined enough with this yarn.

It is working up fairly quickly, so will be a good project to take along to my patchwork group this afternoon.


Sandi said...

How exciting to be soon going overseas to the Isle of Man (lucky girl). The scarf could come in handy over there if the weather is a bit chilly :)
Wish we had a 'wood fairy'; I will have to order a load soon as we haven't got much left from last season.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Ooooo, I love the wool you're using!! So pretty! Crocheting something in that ripple pattern has been on my to-do list for a looooong time...once again I am inspired to actually do it. Have wonderful holiday - you lucky gal!!