Friday, 15 May 2009

2 Down 7 To Go

We had a bit of a scare with our cat “Joey” the day before yesterday.

When I went to feed all the pets in the morning he was sort of dragging his back end – not good. So, I bundled him into the car and took him to the vet. What could cause him to be like this? Snake bite!!! Yes, in May!!! We have still been having some nice warm days, so the snakes must still be around. The silly thing is that we didn’t see any snakes through the summer this year.

Joey is one very lucky boy. Because we treated him so soon, he was able to come home yesterday evening. I was amazed at how quickly he recovered. He is now back to his old self.

This is our third encounter with pets and snakes - horrid things. Our first dog, “Buster” died from snake bite when he was only 2. Dogs die very quickly, and we are half an hour from a vet. Our old cat “Elsie” was bitten when she was 9 and proceeded to live to nearly 17. Cats go into shutdown mode by slowing down their metabolism, which gives them a much greater chance of survival.

Mr Rudd’s Tax Bonus cheque arrived in the mail earlier this week, so he just paid for the vet!

This is Joey’s second life….. and he is only eighteen months old! He was one sick kitten at the beginning of the year with an abscess on his leg due to being beaten up by a feral tom.


Sandi said...

Poor Joey, glad he is better now. We haven't had many snakes this year either. Oh, there was a carpet python on top of the hedge when Harry went to trim it. Did'nt know it was there until it suddenly came out. Wondered why hubby was rushing down the ladder I was holding. The snake only had a small slash on it's tail.

Julie said...

Poor Joey. We didn't have any snakes this year which is strange after 12 sightings last year in the garden, not good for kids or pets. I've heard cats take a fair bit of beating when it come to snake bite. Hope he is OK. Give him a cuddle from me. xx