Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Four More Sleeps - But Who's Counting?

Me! That’s who! Am I excited? You bet!

We fly out to the Isle of Man on Sunday. I think I have things under control at work, so the next few days shouldn’t be too bad. Mick is still flat out with his work but is taking Friday off to take pets to the kennels etc.

The bags are packed, but there still seems to be lots of loose ends to finish off at home before we go, but I’m sure it will all be done in time.

Mick spoke to his mate in Castletown on the phone this morning, so he has someone to share his 50th birthday with at the pub. I'm looking forward to meeting Manxgirl.

In the mean time, on Sunday there was a rededication of a war memorial in Bathurst which was destroyed by an act of silliness 12 months ago. It has now been rebuilt. I remember being at the unveiling of the original in 1970 when I was 5 as this was for the army division that my Dad was in. There were just a few old diggers there this time, but generally a good roll up. That's my Dad on the right.

On Saturday I went to my patchwork group and finished crocheting my ripple scarf. I just need to put the fringe on. With a bit of luck, I might even get it done before we go away…..I’ll see how I go.

One of the ladies had a lovely little scarf on. It looked terrific on her and I thought I might just make one to take away if it gets a bit cool, sitting watching bikes racing. Pat’s was in a pink, but I thought I’d make mine in brown.

It was knitted with a yarn which had ribbon through it.

It was just 12 stitches, knitted on 10mm needles until the ball of yarn ran out. Then it was stitched together into a ring, but with one twist in it.

I made it in just over an hour and it cost $4.00. Very happy.

I have also bought a ball of the yarn in black/grey/silver and will make another version.

Sorry about the poor photos, but they were taken at night.

Blogging might be a bit light on for a while now (unless I finish my scarf for May).

Hopefully, I’ll occasionally pop into the local Castletown Library and make a quick post.


Jenny said...

Wow, isle of man is a long way from Oz! Enjoy your trip. Love the scarf!

Sandi said...

Your new scarf looks great! Have a great trip, looking forward to hearing about your adventures over there.

loulee said...

Now I'm getting excited too! Have a safe journey. You can always use my computer to post your blog and email home.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the scarf- what a clever design!Have a great trip.

Maree said...

Have a Great Trip...Love your New Scarf..Very Nice.!!See you when you return...