Sunday, 10 May 2009

I love Watching Rep Footy

I A Bit of Background:
- We don’t have a television.
- I couldn’t really care less about the footy.
- Mick likes to listen to the game on Friday and Saturday nights, so I have a basic understanding of the game and the season’s progress.
- We are talking about Rugby League here.


- Mick, his Dad and I have our own little Footy Tipping Competition. The loser has to take the others out to dinner….ie. any excuse to go out for a feed. So far, it looks like Mick is paying.

- I love rep footy games (internationals, state of origin, etc.) because:

Ø We go into Mick’s Dad’s to watch the game, picking up pizza on the way;
Ø Mick and his Dad get to watch the game together, with Mick getting quite animated whenever his team scores or there is a bad referee’s decision, etc., which is quite entertaining; and
Ø Best of all, I tuck myself up at the end of the lounge, and in the time it takes for a footy match to play out, I can crochet the top of a hand towel, or knit the best part of a square for Wraps With Love, or on Friday night I got lots of scarf crocheted. The only problem was that I only took one ball of yarn with me and ran out 10 minutes before full time, so I had to actually watch some footy.
Ø By the way, the Aussies beat the Kiwis 36-10 in the Anzac Test on Friday night, so all’s good.

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