Monday, 13 April 2009

Ideal Weekend

Kris from Tag Along Teddies is having a great giveaway where you have to describe your ideal weekend. Mine was “My ideal weekend varies, but at the moment it would be staying at home with my hubby, preparing yummy homemade meals to eat on the verandah in the beautiful autumn weather, doing a bit of stitching and reading and no housework.”

I’m doing my best to make this a reality this weekend.

Well, how am I going so far?

Mick had to work on Friday and today – but we had 2 days together.

We have had some yummy homemade food. Mum and Dad’s hot water system died on Thursday, which was not good timing, so they came out to our place for a shower and joined us for tea. I made an old fashioned smoked fish and potato pie followed by bread and butter pudding made with excess hot cross buns. Both were yummy and the pudding was great with all the spices and fruit already in the buns.

On Sunday we had a mate out for lunch, yummy foccacias on the verandah, then Mum and Dad came out again and we had Easter cup cakes. I always bake with butter, but ran out after making the cakes. Note to self – don’t use low fat margarine for icing – not good, but will have to do.

As I just said we had lunch on the verandah yesterday and I managed to have my morning coffee on the verandah on Friday.

Beautiful Autumn weather – well grey, overcast, rain, drizzle. Not picture postcard, but hey, it is Autumn, and the idea is that it starts to move towards Winter. I did at least get the washing dry.

Doing a bit of stitching – well, on Friday I taught myself the “Neat Ripple” crochet pattern from Lucy from Attic24’s tutorial. It wasn’t too hard at all. Now I just have to get started on a cushion. Today is to be the day of stitching – no interruptions. I have a secret squirrel project which I must finish, so today will be it – it must be!

Reading, yes last night and this morning I read “Three Bag Full” by Leonie Swann, where a flock of sheep are detectives, quite light and enjoyable. I also browsed some English Country Living magazines, one magazine that I don’t usually see.

No housework – well, I spent most of Friday doing housework – but that freed up the rest of the weekend.

What else did we do?

On Saturday we went motorcycling. The Vintage Motor Cycle Club holds a week long rally at Bathurst each Easter. We took the Moto Guzzi out for a run out to Burraga. This is a small village in a rather isolated spot on the way to nowhere. The road from Bathurst has just had the last portion sealed, a godsend for the locals, and another great motorcycling loop opened up. We called in at the Rockley Antique Shop on the way home, only to find it is closing soon and everything was reduced in price. We bought a few bits and pieces (you can’t fit much on a bike). He didn’t even charge me for the tray cloth and magazines! The pudding bowls are the same pattern as the dinner set my Grandma used to have, what fond memories they brought back.

Sunday saw a day at home. The Easter Bunny put out some eggs and bits and pieces on the mantle piece. He has never done that before. It looks too good to eat, but I’m sure we will manage.

Mick tackled the jungle down the side of our house. When we first move here we planted a “Dorothy Perkins” rambler rose, which we had grown from a cutting we had literally torn from an old rose growing over a ruined cottage in a paddock. It is beautiful in spring, but is just too rampant, so we bit the bullet and it is now gone.

The area is now opened up and we will be able to do something in that part of the garden. Watch this space.
So, all in all, you could say this has been my ideal weekend. I hope yours was too.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well that sounds like a good weekend to me, a little bit of everything...

Sandi said...

Sounds like you did everything on the list, plus a little more. Great finds at the antiques shop.