Thursday, 10 January 2019

Splendid Sampler 2 - Making Templates by Jane Davidson and Storm Season

I've just finished a second block for the week, which I'm pretty happy about.  I'm aiming for one a week, so any extra are a bonus.

Another nice and easy block, using my favourite machine applique.  I really need to start doing some of the more detailed blocks or it will become a chore at the end of the project.

There was no extra added to the leader and ender project with this block, just lots of ends to tie off.

I wonder what blocks will be on the agenda this coming week?

I'm linking up with The Splendid Sampler.

We had a nasty storm here on Tuesday afternoon, just as I was driving home from work, so I got nicely caught up in it.  There were branches flying everywhere along the road - fortunately not large ones.  We ended up getting 17mm of rain in about 10 minutes.  It blew right in to our windows on our verandah side, which is four metres deep.

When I went for my walk yesterday, as well as lots of smaller branches lying all over the place this tree had lost rather a large limb.

This afternoon it built up again and we had another wild storm, though not as bad as the one on Tuesday.  We thought we may get a nasty hail storm when we noticed the green colour in the sky, but we only received  a small amount.  The thunder is still rumbling away out there now.  So far we've received 16.5mm and it is still sprinkling.  

We are currently on water restrictions and can only water on every second day.  The good thing is that this rain has fallen on our watering days, so we have been able to let nature take care of things.  Bonus!


loulee said...

Your block looks lovely. Good on you for getting on with new projects.
That is a very moody sky, with a green yellow light I would expect hail too.
Our weather continues to be changeable with a few nice days followed by a drop in temperature and rain. Not the usual settled summer we are accustomed to.

Jenny said...

Getting caught in a storm must have been rather scary they can do so much damage. Pretty block!

Fiona said...

That's a pretty block... so lovely to have that rain.... a spread like that is so much better than watering isn't it... hope it put a bit in to the catchment for your water

Gail said...

I love a good thunderstorm! Watching the lightening and the rain pummel down is a lovely thing to do. I don't love the damage it can cause though. I don't love driving in them either! Still they are such a reminder of the fierceness of nature.

The block is very nice you do such lovely work I'm jealous.

Katie said...

Wow. I've never seen a green sky.

Maria said...

Sweet SS block Janice..
WOW that was a big branch that broke...Nice drop of rain...

Cheryll said...

I enjoy seeing your Splendid Sampler blocks. Look forward to it growing...xox

Jenny said...

I like the block Janis. Lately the storms are so wild and so scary. We are taking out the big gum tree near the house for just that reason.

Susan said...

I'm sure the rain is much appreciated - though its a shame it has to buicket down and then stop.
Your SS blocks are looking great.