Monday, 30 July 2018

Macquarie Towns Classic Motorcycle Rally

Can you believe it!  We actually went motorcycling on the weekend. Something that hasn’t happened very much in recent times. 

This rally, based at Windsor, is one we enjoy participating in, as we explore areas we would never ordinarily go to, and what I always enjoy is that the weather is just a bit warmer than at home.  

I always enjoy seeing the paddle boat moored in the middle of the river. One day I WILL go for a ride. 

There were some lovely bikes at the starting point. Mick loves CZ bikes. This one was ridden by a lady. She won a couple of awards with it. 

These two turn up each year on these small bikes. A bit of fun, but beautifully presented. 

The Rudge was the earliest bike in the rally and went really well. 

And we’re on our way. 

Part of our ride took us near some controlled burns to prevent bushfires, so quite a few fire trucks and even helicopters were seen. 

The morning tea stop was at Ebenezer Church - the oldest church in NSW. We stopped here on a previous rally. Here is the link to that post. 

It was so nice to see the jonquils in bloom.  We saw lots of camellias over the weekend too. They really were pretty. 

The church is right beside the Hawkesbury River. Mick decided to be an intrepid explorer. 

The voting for the best of each class occurs at lunch, but this time it was at morning tea. There was plenty of room for the bikes, so it was a good decision. 

There were just two sidecars. 

The array of 1970s bikes was impressive. I think most of them were shinier than when they came out of the factory. A real credit to their owners. 

The other thing we look forward to is crossing the Hawkesbury on the Sackville Ferry. 

The cliffs are stunning. 

I forgot to take any photos of lunch, but it was held at a school and the food was plentiful and nice and fresh. 

The dinner was at a different venue this year and we were well looked after. Mick was lucky enough to win the sidecar award, which was nice. 

We didn’t join in on the Sunday ride as we had some bits and bobs to do at home. 

It was good to get back on the bike again. Hopefully when the weather warms up we may get out a bit more. 


Jenny said...

What a fun day, with shiny bikes as far as the eye can see. Congratulations on winning a prize.

Gail said...

Even though it's winter you are finding lots of FUN outside things to do! Go You!

Susan said...

Good to see all the old bikes out and about. Well done on the prize!

loulee said...

Looks like a lovely ride out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice great pics love the pic of the explorer,lol,you visit some beautiful places xx