Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Scrub Stitchin' Excursion

When we were at Scrub Stitchin'  a week or so ago, we were informed that on Saturday morning we were to be at the dining hall at 8am with our walking shoes and hand stitching. 

OK..  We can do that.  No hints as to what we were doing were forthcoming.

When we got there, we were greeted by a big bus.  We left Baradine and drove along corrugated, dusty dirt roads into the Piliga Scrub.

A major bush fire raged through the forest a couple of months ago.

This is a poor photo of unburnt scrub.

Some of the fire ground was already showing lots of regrowth, which just goes to show the resilience of the Australian bush.

However, other parts weren't coming back.  This area must have been very hot, and also would have had different species of tree that don't come back.

Eventually we had a clue as to where we were headed, which fortunately, hadn't been burnt.


We alighted from the bus and headed off into the scrub for a 3km walk to see the Sculptures in the Scrub.  I was delighted about this, as Mick had explored the area the day before.

We had a little climb, but there was a well formed set of  stairs.  Just at the right height for me.

Along the top of the gorge there are a series of sculptures.  Please tag along with us.

Then we went down to the bottom of the gorge and walked beside the creek, which was dry, as we are in a drought here.

It was interesting being able to look up to the top of the cliff to see a different aspect of the sculptures.

I was very surprised to find a maiden hair fern growing in this dry landscape.

Caves at the base of the cliff.

There were several Eastern Yellow Robins flitting around the base of the cliff.  A couple sat still and posed beautifully for their portrait.

We had taken a rather leisurely walk around the sculptures, so there was no time for stitching before we hopped back on the bus to return to camp. There was however, time for some fresh, home cooked scones, courtesy of Chooky's mum.

Thanks Chooky for a nice surprise. It was very enjoyable to see some of the interior of the Scrub.


Anonymous said...

hi Janice what a beautiful spot ,so much to see,love the sculptures,thankyou for sharing with us xx

Chookyblue...... said...

the scrub is so special to me.........I was so pleased to be able to share it with everyone.......I love the sculptures........

Chookyblue...... said...

great pics too........