Thursday, 19 April 2018

In the Background at Baradine

I may be a bit odd, but I don't mind having Mick tag along to a retreat.  He was due to have a weekend of R & R as well, so we took our van. It was also our wedding anniversary, so that would have been no fun with him back at home.

Coincidentally, we have had Camp Cypress on our "To Go To" list for some time, as they advertise as being a motorcycle friendly venue.  Unfortunately, travelling there by bike hasn't happened as yet.

On Friday morning we had a nice leisurely breakfast.  He is enjoying using his very low tech camp kitchen/table.

Following Jenny and Robin's example we had our eggs in the toast.  It worked very well and tasted great.  Any  breakfast tastes good when eaten outdoors when you are camping.

There were some pretty grevillias in bloom in the grounds of the camp and the miner birds loved them.

The sunsets weren't too shabby either.

Mick was quite happy to sit in the background and read a book, go for a walk around the town and catch up on some zeds........Not a lot of that happened.

You see, Charlie, the camp caretaker told him about this really interesting place to visit - Sculptures in the Scrub.  So he went and had a look and then continued on to the Salt Cave. 

We'd heard of the Sculptures, but knew nothing of them and had never even heard of the Salt Cave.  He returned that afternoon announcing that next year we need to spend extra time here to go exploring.

When I was telling him that Chooky had planned a surprise outing, he smugly told me that Chooky told him where we were going, but he wouldn't let on.  I was wrapped that I was going to see the sculptures as well when we got there.

Mick noticed another of the sculptures from the Gorge floor, which we missed.

The Salt Cave

The Observation Tower at the Salt Cave. Yes, we definitely have to do some more exploring next year.

On Saturday he headed off and met up with Mr Chooky and Miss Jules' other half and they all went to a clearing sale out the other side of Coonamble.  

Mick found it really interesting, as it was on a rather larger and more expensive scale than we get at home.  Then again farming out west is on a rather larger and more expensive scale than we get at home.  

Before he left, Mick said he wanted to buy a big green tractor.  His five dollar budget didn't cut the mustard on the one that was there, so he bought five novels from the Rotary Club stall instead.

He even got to see the painted water tower in Coonamble.  They were just starting the painting when we visited the area last June.  Apparently, while we were at Baradine, the little town of Gulargambone was having a weekend of painting murals on their buildings and also painting their water tower.  I can't wait to see that too.

So there wasn't too much resting for Mick, but at least he wasn't at work.

We went for a short wobble tour around Baradine on our way home and were taken by the Catholic Church and Convent.

We also were able to see the Siding Springs Observatory in the distance on our way home.

A nice way to end our visit.

We both are looking forward to returning next year.  Maybe Mick will get to rest, read a book and go for a walk around the town....maybe.


Jenny said...

Such a lovely weekend for you both, and great photos of your exploring. So pleased you enjoyed the BBQ eggs on toast.

Chookyblue...... said...

have you never coked eggs like that on the BBQ........its the only way I do it........why didn't Mick buy the tractor......

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice what a wonderful post i love the pic you took of the minor bird in the tree ,such a beautiful pic. Wow it looks like an amazing spot to go and visit ,is this chooky's home town?
Love your caravan setup Janice and what a great outdoor kitchen,Mick looks right at home doing the cooking,thankyou for sharing your lovely time and beautiful pics with us Janice xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great pics....its on our list! Were there powered sites at the camping ground? It looked very nice and the sculptures so interesting to see. Thanks for sharing x

Gail said...

Looks so fun! I'm acquiring quite a list of places to visit when I come to Australia. I don't think I'll be able to fit them all in!

Susan said...

Some great pictures there Janice - perhaps next time I will take some extra days and do some touring the painted water tower.