Sunday 4 June 2017

Chook Shed Birthday Party Sewing.

I received an email from Chooky this morning saying it was all well and good that Mick baked a cake for the party, but had I done any stitching?

The answer was a big fat "No"!

Yesterday I did go into my sewing room looking for some fabric.  There is LOTS in there, but I can't find the particular fabric I am after.  You see, Chooky and I bought some fabric to share a couple of years ago, with the plan on making matching quilts.  Next weekend was going to be the time we put the plan into motion........but I can't find my parcel of fabric.  I'll just have to work on something else. It must be in one of the many boxes of STUFF we still haven't unpacked.

I don't think that searching for fabric really counted as a Chook Shed Party project.

That has now been remedied.

There were two little projects required for our new office.

Firstly, a most important fixture on our desk is the lolly jar.  This gets filled with little Easter eggs each year and we gradually eat them over the next couple of months.  It looks so pretty when it is full.  As you can see it is just about empty.

Mick commented that the jar is rubbing on the desk top when he pulls it out to get us some eggs.

A quick little make should fix that up.

All done.

My side of the desk has a great little feature, in that I can slide my keyboard under the monitor, out of the way.

However, it is also rubbing the desktop.

A quick fix for that one too.  The fabric has been hanging around and is rather appropriate with old office images.  An old typewriter is perfect to sit a keyboard on.

I even attempted some free motion quilting.......bad is terrible.  I was too lazy to do a practice piece.  Not to worry, it won't be seen.

There we go.  All done.

Tucked away where it belongs.

I may get something else done, but I'll just have to see if there is time among the other things that have to get done.

I hope these will count for Chooky.


Maria said...

Hope you find your fabrics and your two small projects are perfect...

Deb R said...

All of it counts Janice...just look for fabrics can inspire

loulee said...

Cute wee mats. Hope you find your fabric parcel.
I'll bey you're really glad you didn't got to the IOM now! Roads trashed, trees down, marshal's huts flying along the mountain road and ferries cancelled!! Bit of a washout. Again.
I'm just happy to be away from the UK and Europe in general at the moment.

Chookyblue...... said...

bugger you can't find the fabric......but glad you did finally get some sewing in for the Chookshed party..........

Rachaeldaisy said...

Great projects , and they solve problems!! Good on you.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

love them......something I need at work xxxx