Wednesday, 3 August 2016

It's Been Raining Again

After a few dry days it started to rain at about lunch time yesterday. It was really set in, drenching rain........and it kept it up for about 12 hours solid.  

The river level has remained fairly high since our last minor flood back a couple of weeks ago.  It had dropped a bit more over the weekend, but, as you can imagine, it came up again last night........lots.  Our local water supply is full, so it has to go somewhere.

This is the view of the low level bridge this morning on my way to work.  Certainly higher than it came up last time, when it only just covered the bridge.  

When we were kids we would have been on the other side of the bridge with sticks in the ground at the edge of the water monitoring the height.  It used to get a bit nerve wracking when the water came up, especially if it kept raining.  Fortunately, nearly all of the houses on the flood plain have now been bought by Council and removed.

Quite a few local roads were closed this morning. The main local bus company couldn't get their buses out, so some kids got a day off school and MacKillop College was closed for the day as all roads leading to it were under water this morning.

Today has been a fine day, and we even saw the sun this afternoon, for a change.

I popped down to check the river again on my way home, as you do, and the levels have dropped a little.

Here's hoping we have no further rain for a little while to let things settle down.

By the way, the rain fell as snow around the Oberon district, with about 80 tourists caught out on their way back from Jenolan Caves.  They had to be towed out and rescued by the SES.  Far too much drama weather wise this winter.

The up side of all this rain is that our new water tanks are all full.  Very handy for when we need it.


Maria said...

OMGoodness that's a lot of rain... Bet the kids enjoyed their day off school... Heard of the tourists being stuck on the news.. They would have been happy to be recused....

Jenny said...

We all like rain in our respective countries, especially the farmers. But flooding is something we don't want, do we.
It's been raining rather heavy over here in my part of NZ, but the temps are so warm. Strange winter weather indeed!

Susan said...

I can remember going down to see the low level bridge flooded......and seeing the houses that used to be there. Amazing amount of rain.