Friday, 5 August 2016

Another Weekend Away - Part 2

Now to continue on with our weekend away last weekend.

When we got up the sky was red, with a few clouds.  This was our Sunday view out of the window.  I still want to take a ride on that boat.

Usually, we don't worry about joining in on the Sunday morning ride with the Rally.  We consider our ride home to be enough for the day.  We normally have a leisurely breakfast, followed by a browse around the market stalls in the main pedestrian mall and then head on home.

This year it turned out that the Sunday ride was back up the Putty Road to Colo for the short run, while the longer ride continued further along to the Grey Gums Cafe

As it is a long time since we have ridden up the Putty Road, we thought this may just be a good excuse.  Last time we rode up it was a hot December day.  We rode with a group of friends from Sydney to the Half Way House Cafe.  They went back home to Sydney, while we and another couple headed to Singleton and then home via the Bylong Way.  This was well before it was all sealed and we encountered a rather severe thunder storm while on the dirt section.  We ended up covered in mud and looking more like dirt bike riders than motorcycle tourers.  It is a trip we often remember.  That was about 15 years ago I'd reckon.

Anyway, we decided to join in the Sunday ride. It didn't take long to leave the built up areas.

We thought the Halfway House Cafe must have changed its name, but no, it had burnt down.  The Grey Gum Cafe is a different place all together, but really well set up for bikes and also free campers.

Did I get a photo?  No, forgot that.

Anyway, we didn't stop for long, only for a loo break, as it would have been quite a delay to be served, due to the number of bikes that were there. We needed to keep moving as we had a bit of a ride ahead of us.

Our mission was to keep on our way up the Putty Road.  I finally got a photo of one of the vibrant wattles that we had seen along the way.  They make you think of spring, which isn't all that far away.

The Putty Road really is scenic, with twisties, farmland, rivers and creeks and gorgeous trees.  The ones near the north end were particularly lovely, being tall, straight and with lovely cream bark.

There were some really interesting clouds as well.

You don't see many of these old timber bridges in use any more.

After a quick lunch in Denman at a cute cafe we continued on our way home.

Yes, my favourite ride, the Bylong Way, with its craggy rocks and lush, green pastures.  I never tire of it.

I still can't believe that they would let anyone mine this area.

We had a great trip home, and I think being unexpected made it more so.  We covered 760 kms for the weekend.

I'm not sure when our next bike will be.  There seems to be a few other things happening that are keeping us off the road.  Who knows, something else unexpected may crop up.


Jenny said...

Lovely photos - such a nice area for a leisurely weekend ride.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Thats a lot for a weekend away. As I was reading I was thinking you'd been travelling for a week. You travel to such beautiful places.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pics my friend xx