Friday 5 August 2016

Another Weekend Away - Part 1

We left the cold Central Tablelands on the Friday afternoon and travelled all of two hours east to warmer weather.  What a difference it makes after all the gloomy weather we have had of late.

This part of the Bells Line of Road was covered in ice when we travelled down in June.

The reason was our usual attendance at the Macquarie Towns Classic Motorcycle Rally at Windsor.

We had a wander up the street on Friday night, and we weren't even really rugged up.  I always enjoy seeing the paddle wheel in the mall.

While on the subject of paddle wheels, this is what we saw when we opened the blinds of our motel room on Saturday morning.  I'd rather like to go on a cruise on day........

OK, the reason we were here was for the bikes.  We didn't bring an oldy down, just Snubby the silver side car.  We were surprised to see that we were the only members of the Historic Car Club to have entered this year.  They don't know what they missed out on.

There were some lovely bikes at the start point.  We do like a nice Moto Guzzi.

Did you notice the blue skies.....oh, and a nice BSA.

It was nice to see this old Honda Four, as it was in original condition, not repainted to better than new. It was in great condition for its age.

Check these out!  I have never seen a little monkey bike registered in Australia before.  I've only seen them in the UK.

70s and 80s bikes are definitely the biggest class these days, unlike when we first started attending rallies, many years ago, when the 50s were always the largest class.  Notice the Isle of Man helmet sitting on the tank.  His jacket matched the bike as well.  Yes, they won a trophy in their class.

Once we got under way, we ended up behind the little monkey bike.

We were surprised at how well it travelled along.

Our morning tea stop was under the bridge at Colo in a nice park.  

I went for a little walk and notice a couple of plaques on the rock wall.  On closer inspection it was a war memorial.  Not what you expect is such a location.

Beside it there was a sizable cave.

Once we were back on the road we headed to the Sackville Ferry, which we seem to cross most years. It is a highlight for those of us that reside west of the mountains.

There was quite a bit of waiting for our turn, but it is all rather social.  Mick enjoyed just sitting back and soaking up the sun.

I enjoyed taking photos.....fancy that!

OK, on our way again. Isn't the river stunning.  Yes, I think we will have to arrange a trip on the paddle wheeler one day.

Lunch time saw us at a local school, where we were fed very well and we then took the time to vote for our choice of bike in each class.  It was rather difficult as they were so well presented.

That is probably enough for one session, but there is more to share, which was somewhat unplanned, for Sunday.  

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Fabulous bike photos!!!! And a paddle steamer. I didn't know there are paddle steamer rides in Windsor. Hw fun is that!