Tuesday, 15 March 2016

We've Started

That is just the beginning.  There is plenty more to go in here.

Mick has had a huge day moving boxes.  We had a room affectionately known as "The Box Room", which was an average size bedroom, full of boxes, nearly to the ceiling.  In over twelve months, we haven't missed very much at all.  What you see above is only a small portion of them.

We (mainly Mick) have now moved all of those boxes to the new house.  We will have a big job going through them and having a huge cull.  Mick reckons sorting through things will be a good winter job.

We have another room known as "The Jungle".  It is full of furniture.  Yep, that will be culled too.

There is still plenty more to pack.  We will get there.


Susan said...

It's a big job but fun to go through everything and have a cull.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Super exciting xxx

Ali Honey said...

Your new house looks fresh and clean and inviting. Have fun filling it with your own treasures.

loulee said...

OOOH! Squeeeeeeel. So terribly excited for you. Look at the size of that room. Have fun planning and playing about in your new space. And don't forget about the rest of the house, it will need a womans touch, or Mick will have it full of bike memorabilia!

Jenny said...

Wow finally. Hope is all moved in and unpacked now...Looks a lovely place