Sunday, 22 June 2014

Winter Solstice Run 2014

It has become a bit of a tradition around here for a few of us to go on a “Winter Solstice Run” each year on the Sunday closest to the Winter Solstice.  That would be today.  The deal is that we go rain, hail, shine or snow, or you’re a big wuss.  Here are a couple of our previous escapades – 2013 and 2012.

These rides are generally a “Mick’s Magical Mystery Tour”, and today was no different.

This year saw a relatively small gathering, due to legitimate excuses, so we will let them off this time. Coincidently, they are all members of the Historic Car Club.

Things did not bode well when we woke to rain at about four o’clock this morning.  It eased off, but just as were about to leave home it started again, so on with the wet weather gear.

June 2014 041

We left town at about nine o’clock, and it was dry. 

Remember the tunnel of autumn trees we went through a few weeks ago, well, they look a little barer now.  I’ll have to try to take a photo of them in summer when they have their green look.

June 2014 042

To our delight we did not get wet on our run at all.  Just look at that!  Hardly a cloud in the sky.  Who’d a thunk it?

June 2014 044

The only downside was lots of road works, but it wasn’t slippery or sloppy, or dusty.  Here come the rest of the crew.

June 2014 047

Yes, there were only four bikes this year and six people.

Gotta love a windmill.

June 2014 054

We travelled through the small town of Woodstock, which seems to be dwindling.  There would be no stopping at this cafe, although they were replacing the verandah on the pub.

June 2014 055

Our first stop was at Wyangala Dam for morning tea……way down there in the park.

June 2014 058

We then travelled up onto the dam wall for the obligatory photo. I didn’t do a very good job with the time delay, as I cut me out of it.  Oh well, not to worry.

June 2014 057

The dam isn’t looking too bad.  Last time we were here it was really low.  You can just see the very tops of the old wall parapets, whereas last time you could see the entire old wall.

June 2014 060

You have always travelled across the dam wall to get to the village of Frogmore and to travel the most direct way to Cowra, the nearest town.  However, a few years ago, for security reasons, the powers that be decided that the road across the dam wall was to be closed.  That was well and good, but the locals thought it might be handy to firstly have an alternative route to the other side of the dam and river.  This is very near completion, and you can’t get right through at the other end of the wall.  To tell the truth, we were surprised that we could ride up there at all now.  Sadly, it will probably be the last time.

Anyway, we had a new road to explore and a brand spanking new bridge to cross.

June 2014 063

We continued on our way, towards Cowra.

June 2014 065

Taking in the stunning scenery and enjoying the warmth of the sun on our backs.  Yes, I said “WARMTH”!  It was really the most delightful day for motorcycling.  We almost felt guilty having such wonderful weather on what is supposed to be a ride in bleak weather to sort out the wusses from the real motorcyclists.  ALMOST!  Truthfully, we were grateful to have such a perfect day.

June 2014 070

Finally we arrived at our lunch destination.  Canowindra, and another lovely old cafe.

June 2014 074

A fortnight ago we were at the “White Rose Cafe”, today “The Garden of Roses Cafe”. The interior is not as pristine as the one in Dunedoo, but there are still a few lovely features remaining.

June 2014 076

June 2014 077

June 2014 075

Sorry for the dodgy photos, but they were very quick snaps.

The food was good, traditional cafe food and went down a treat.

We continued to enjoy perfect weather on the way home.  Look how low the sun is.  We were a little worried about the clouds building on the horizons, but they seemed to burn off, thank goodness.

June 2014 078

It wasn’t a late day, but the shadows were certainly lengthening as we neared home.  This was taken at four o’clock.  Still nice and bright, but there was starting to be a definite nip in the air, as we climbed back up to our beloved central tablelands.

June 2014 088

Another great ride with friends.  We now have tentative plans for a weekend away on the bikes once the days start to lengthen.  Bring it on.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What amazing photos Janice...looked like a real 'magic' ...

Jewells said...

Happy memories for me... thanks for your tours around my "home land".

Chookyblue...... said...

always enjoy your trips..........thank goodness it didn't rain..........

Jenny said...

Looks like a great trip , nice photos

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a great trip Janice.....lovely to see where you stop as well! What a great thing to do!

Rachaeldaisy said...

You picked the most perfect day for a ride, thanks for taking us along with you to see all those wonderful views and picturesque towns!!

Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

Beautiful photo Janice