Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Changing of the Season

The weather has been a little confused here of late.  We had freezing temperatures at the beginning of May, but the last week or so has been more like late spring, complete with moths and gnats.  Last night saw that change, with half an inch of rain and today it has been mainly grey, with a cool breeze.

Our poor garden doesn’t know what to do.  However, some things are starting go get into their late autumn mode.

The cotoneaster has a lovely show of berries.  The birds do make rather a mess with these.

May 2014 053

One patch of violets have been violetting away for a while now, but the other varieties are still sitting back and waiting a bit longer before starting to bloom.

May 2014 052

We have our first jonquil in flower.  There will be lots more before too long.

May 2014 047

And finally, another little clump of fungi in a damp spot.

May 2014 045

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