Thursday 1 May 2014

A Quick Finish for April

There hasn’t been much time for stitching around here just lately, but I was determined to have some little thing finished for the end of the month….. and I was itching to do some sewing.

April 2014 005

I’ve been wanting to make us some more flanny pillow slips.  Do you notice that the pillow slips nearly always wear out before the sheets and there aren’t many flanny ones sold separately.

Well, Spotlight have had a sale and this fabric jumped out at me.  Here it is a bit closer.

April 2014 006

Yep.  Vespas.  I couldn’t go past them.

There will be a second pillow case to match, but I haven’t finished it as yet.  It will be finished in the next day or so, when I get back to it, but at least one was finished yesterday.

I created my own pattern taking inspiration from a couple of others I found on line.  There is the popular tube or burrito method of making them.  The only hitch is there is no flap on the back to tuck over the pillow, which I like.  A Spoonful of Sugar had a nice one with good dimensions and a flap,  but the seams needed to be neatened.  I ended up using the tube method for the front, making a separate back with a flap and then using a french seam to make it all neat and tidy.  Still nice and easy.

Just watch out for flannelette that is only 36” wide, instead of the usual 42” , which is what happened with the blue and white spot fabric.  If I had measured twice, and cut the fabric differently I wouldn’t have had to go back to buy some more.   Oh, well, I’ll know next time.

Yes, there will be more.  I have enough Vespa fabric to create the side trim on a pair.  I just have to find a suitable main fabric to go with it.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done on the finish, I love your pattern and the fabric is perfect....

Anonymous said...

lovely Janice,my sister has always wanted a vespa,well done.xx