Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Sunday on “Olga”

Shock Horror!! We actually had ourselves organised to join in on a Historic Car Club run on Sunday.  We haven’t done that for simply ages.

The plan was to meander to the village of Neville for a roast beef lunch at the local pub.  The weather was forecast to be good, we didn’t have anything on and the pub usually does good food. Count us in.

Sunday morning arrived, we were in our usual lazy Sunday morning mood, so would be late to the 10.00am start.  Not to worry, we’d catch them up. The forecast nice sunny day didn’t eventuate, but it wasn’t forecast to rain, so we rugged ourselves up and off we went.

We went to town, got fuel and by then it was 10.10am.  We would have missed everyone so took a back street to the road to Perthville.

It was a lovely ride through the autumn countryside.  This tunnel of elms going into Perthville was just stunning.  It has to be my favourite time of year.

May 2014 093

We had a lovely ride through Georges Plain, Wimbledon and Gresham before arriving at Newbridge for the morning tea stop.  We were the first ones there!!!  The rest of the group had been late in getting away!!!

May 2014 095

As we had been disorganised we hadn’t made the thermos.  Fortunately, the pub was just opening up and made a mean coffee.  Nothing like a hot drink to warm you up once you hop off the bike.

May 2014 097

It wasn’t long before we were joined by a few more.

May 2014 103

I could have snuck this little local fellow in the sidecar and taking him home.  He looked so happy, with his tail going a million miles an hour.

May 2014 105

We weren’t the only bike on the run.  Norm took his recently restored Matchless for an outing.

May 2014 100

While Norm was on the bike, Cath was snug in the little Datsun Fairlady. It is such a jaunty little car.

May 2014 104

After we were warmed up we headed on our way again.  While quite a few of the trees were lovely and golden, a lot of the landscape was starting to look decidedly wintery, especially as we were heading into the higher areas of the Central Tablelands.

May 2014 111

We travelled through Moorilda, Barry and on to Neville.  I often wonder where they came up with the names of the villages.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before we arrived at our lunch destination and all the cars gathered.  There were about 20 vehicles ranging from a 1928 Ford A Model to a Porsche, Lotus, a couple of Toranas, quite a few English cars, an early Land Cruiser, a Valiant, two Fairladies, a Mustang, a Thunderbird and of course, our two bikes.  Quite a mix, but all are equally welcome.

May 2014 117

May 2014 114

May 2014 113

May 2014 118 

Lithgow and BHCC Run May 2014 011

We didn’t have a wander around Neville this time, but it is a lovely little village.  We always love this collection of old implements that line one property’s fence.

May 2014 116

I didn’t take a photo of lunch.  I was too busy tucking in.  Yes, it was good, as expected.   There is nothing like country cooks.   It was the perfect day for a roast lunch.

By the time we all had a natter, it was three o’clock and time to head home before it got too cold and started getting dark.

It was a great day out, and we really should try to get out with the Club more often.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you both had,love the pics.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Awesome photos....glad you had such a good time...

Susan said...

Your posts lately have been like a diary account of the Sunday drives of my childhood! Lovely in Autumn too.

Jewells said...

Brings back memories of my rides around some of that area ... however I did it on pushbike loaded up with my tent & sleeping gear & clothes... now that was a LONG time ago...

Fiona@Dragonfly-Crafts said...

You always take such great pics.
Our bike is nearly finished so we will get on it again soon too :)