Monday, 21 October 2013

Catching Up - Sidecar Rally

As usual, we attended the Sidecar Rally along the Bridle Track at the end of September…’s just taken me a while to share it here.

This year we had a group of three sidecars travel out together.

Sidecar Rally September 2013 002

Sidecar Rally September 2013 007

One slight hiccough.

Sidecar Rally September 2013 008

Not to worry, we were back on our way in no time.

Sidecar Rally September 2013 012

Once we arrived at the rally site, we set up camp beside the river.  A really beautiful spot. This year we took “Snubby” and the camper.

September 2013 Sidecar Rally & Houses 011

There was lots of talking and checking out the other side cars that arrived.  Everyone has a different way to do things and different opinions of what is right and wrong.  Quite amusing to listen to at times.

This one was rather creative.

Sidecar Rally September 2013 025

I even found some time to do a little stitching while chatting with a mate. 

September 2013 Sidecar Rally & Houses 004

And, of course, no rally is complete without a fire in the evening.  Mick had to poke at it.  It must be a boy thing.  We were very fortunate to be able to have a fire.  There would be no fires allowed now.

Sidecar Rally September 2013 027

It was a great weekend.  Not far from home, but a million miles from care.


Susan said...

Your camping trailer is so cute!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Looks like the solar panels