Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Catching up – Canowindra Hanging of the Quilts

When I mentioned to one of my workmates that we were going to Albert, she mentioned that quilts would be on show at Canowindra on the Saturday. As it was on our general way, it was incorporated into our itinerary. 

The day was perfect for showing quilts, being sunny and still.

Albert October 2013 008

Albert October 2013 017

Albert October 2013 011

Albert October 2013 021


Albert October 2013 003

There were quilts in the windows of all the businesses, however they were difficult to photograph.  This one was Mick’s favourite.

Albert October 2013 004

The quilt on the left of the next photo is the same pattern as the one above.  How  very different they look in the different colour ways.

Albert October 2013 019

Albert October 2013 020

The next quilt was truly stunning, just unfortunate that there was so much glare on the glass.

Albert October 2013 016

Next year I’ll have to go up when I have a bit more time to look at everything property.  It was a great little interlude on our trip.


loulee said...

I agree, those poppies look amazing.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh yes, I really hope I make it to the Canowindra Show one year. It was really wonderful to meet you and Mick on Saturday!!