Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Catching Up – The Rabbit Trap Hotel at Albert

We had another trip away on “Snubby” the weekend after the Sidecar Rally.  On the October long weekend a group of us decided to travel to the thriving metropolis of Albert – population 12. Just an overnighter.

Mick and some mates went up there at about this time last year and had a ball, so wanted to go again.  I stayed home last time and visited the open gardens instead.  The other reason we wanted to return, was to see the giant Rabbit Trap that has been built on top of the pub.  It has only been there a couple of months.

We had a great ride up, the weather was good and the countryside looked a picture around Canowindra.  However, the further north west we went the drier it got.

We called in at the little craft shop in the old railway station at Bogan Gate and bought some jam and chocolate fudge brownies. 

Albert October 2013 024

Yummo!  They ladies were great and good sports.

Albert October 2013 022

I always love seeing the silos along the way.

Albert October 2013 027

We had to stop to take a photo of this important event.

Albert October 2013 032

Yes, 100,000 kms on Snubby.  That’s a long way, when you consider this bike is only used for recreational purposes, and we have other bikes as well.  Mind you, that is over 11 years.

Finally, we arrive at Albert.  It is between Tullamore and Tottenham, and west of Narromine.

Albert October 2013 033

We had a great spot to set up our campsite directly opposite the pub.  It is a free camp area, but has a good hot shower in the amenities block.

Albert October 2013 080

Don’t you hate it when things don’t go to plan.  No worries.  A bit of bed swapping between tents meant that everyone had a good night’s sleep.

Albert October 2013 044

I suppose one option would have been to sleep in the little Rabbit Trapper’s hut.

Albert October 2013 046

Once the housework was done, we adjourned to the verandah of the pub.  There’s always one who has to ham it up for the camera.  Trust Mick!

Albert October 2013 050

There is no mobile phone coverage out here.  It is back to the old technology……except it didn’t work.  A reminder of what we used to take for granted.

Albert October 2013 047

Jenny and I had a wander around the streets just before the sun set.

Albert October 2013 054

Albert October 2013 058

Albert October 2013 059

Albert October 2013 055

Albert October 2013 075

Albert October 2013 077 

Albert October 2013 076

Of course, I had to take photos of flowers as well.

Albert October 2013 071

Albert October 2013 066 

Albert October 2013 070

Albert October 2013 060 

Albert October 2013 072

Yes, that last one is Patterson’s Curse.

We had a rather relaxing evening at the typical Aussie pub. For such a small place, it sure was crowded on Saturday night.  They do excellent food, which always draws a crowd.

Albert October 2013 078

Albert October 2013 079

Albert October 2013 036

And in the morning, the obligatory group photo.

Albert October 2013 082

We thoroughly enjoy getting away for weekends like this.  It is often just as good as going away for a week.  We should do it more often.

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carol said...

Hi Janice, I am a long time follower of your blog but this is my first comment. Thank you for this post, I come from the surrounding area of Albert/Tottenham and just wanted to let you know that I think you have done such a wonderful job of covering the little village of Albert. I would love you to link with the facebook page re Albert Rabbit Trap and add your post and photo's. How nice to see such a positive and interesting post, it really gives an honest discription of an area well worth the visit. Thanks again and keep blogging as I really enjoy reading about your travels and your craft. Carol