Sunday, 20 January 2013

Last Weekend – A Road Trip – Part 1

Last weekend – yes, a week ago – Mick and I had a quick trip down to Victoria.

We left after lunch on Thursday and drove straight down the Hume as far as Benalla.  We did have time to stop for a nice pub tea at Wangaratta on the way.  To accompany my meal,  I partook of a glass of “Dirty Granny” cider – not a bad drop either.  However, that isn’t why I’m telling you.  As we were about to leave I noticed a poster for it and just had to take a photo.  I think they thought I was a bit barmy.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 002

How appropriate is that.  A granny rug advertising “Dirty Granny”.

We got away fairly early on Friday and headed towards Melbourne, followed the GPS as we skirted around the top and then down to an industrial estate at Dandenong.  We were there for half an hour and then headed north again.  The reason for our trip was to pick up a canopy for Mick’s work ute.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 037

Now that our “job” was done we were free to have a leisurely couple of days to get home. Unfortunately, Friday was not the best weather to be playing the tourist.  It was stinking hot, windy and there was a total fire ban.

Our first stop was at Healesville for a yummy lunch.  I loved the bike racks in the street.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 007

From here we followed a route we have previously travelled by motorcycle.  The Black Spur road is a very popular motorcycling route.  Lovely smooth surface and lots of bends.  It was lovely going through a lush, green area on such a hot day, but it wasn’t lovely and cool like it normally is.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 017

I must say that it is easier taking photos on the bike as we ride along than in the car.  Most either had glare from the windscreen reflections or splattered bugs.  This one was OK, though.

We then drove over another range with a narrow, windy road, but not as lush.  We ended up at Powers Lookout overlooking the King Valley wine region.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 036

At the foot of the hill is the little village of Whitfield.  We have camped in the caravan park here some years ago.  This time we were lucky enough to fluke a room at the hotel.  Not a run down old hotel room.  Oh, no.  A lovely motel room aimed at the weekend getaway to the wineries.

In the evening it started to cool down just a little, so we had our dinner in the leafy beer garden.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 043

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 042

And a rather tasty dinner it was too.  Confit of Duck for Mick.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 046

Black Mussels with chilli for me.  Yummo.

January 2013 Trip to Melbourne 045

A nice way to end the day.


Susan said...

Looks like a beautiful part of the world. Yummy food too.

Anonymous said...

Well that's a GREAT excuse for a road trip but yeah, probably not in that heat :)