Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australia Day

We always like to venture out to a community event on Australia Day.  This year the Historic Car Club travelled to the old gold mining village of Carcoar, just west of Blayney, for their Street Fair. We went there last year too.

We took Olga the old girl for a day out.  She hasn’t left the shed for a while, so it was nice to use her.  This decision was made despite the fact that storms were forecast for the afternoon.  We figured that it wouldn’t be cold rain and that we would dry off once it stopped raining.

We were the first of our club to arrive at Carcoar (no, we weren’t fast, we just left early), so found a nice shady spot by the river and set up our flag.

January 2013 Australia Day 003

There were lots of interesting stalls, many looking rather patriotic.

January 2013 Australia Day 004

We were entertained by some local singers.  Not bad either.  

January 2013 Australia Day 007

The stage coach did a roaring trade taking people for a ride.

January 2013 Australia Day 011

The horses appreciated a bit of a cool down.

January 2013 Australia Day 009

There was lots of fun, with thong throwing, gumboot throwing and Cooee calling.

January 2013 Australia Day 018

Carcoar is one of those lovely historic places to visit, but it varies as to whether there is much there in the way of shops. 

January 2013 Australia Day 013

To our delight there were a couple of newbies which were rather tasty.  One had lots of vintage and retro items, including some more contemporary uses of old pieces.  Just a pity that I don’t need anything.

January 2013 Australia Day 020

As the day progressed we noticed that everyone seemed to be more relaxed.  They’d looked at all the stalls and were just happy to sit around and enjoy picnic lunches and many took advantage of the pretty little river running through the park.

January 2013 Australia Day 022

After lunch we decided to head towards home, via another little village, Newbridge.

As we left Carcoar we noticed some very ominous grey clouds to the west and were sure we’d get rained on.  We travelled past the picturesque Carcoar Dam and were amazed at the number of people camped there and the number of boats on the water, although there are none in this photo.  That nasty grey cloud was still there in the background.

January 2013 Australia Day 025

We travelled past the wind farm.

January 2013 Australia Day 023

More storm clouds.  Bound to get wet before getting home.

January 2013 Australia Day 031

We made it to Newbridge without being rained on and stopped off at the local pub, where there were a few Australia Day activities taking place.

January 2013 Australia Day 034

We didn’t stay too long, before heading for home.  No we didn’t get rained on.  When we looked at the radar the line of storms were travelling in a south easterly directions, but just to the west of us.  We were lucky enough to miss all the storms, but receive 38mm of soaking rain in the early hours of the morning.  Blessed.  It was the perfect way to finish off a great day.

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