Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Close Encounter of the Snake Kind

I’m sure everyone is well aware of my snake phobia.  Well, as a result, you should see me venture over to our garbage bins.  It is really quite comical, due to me having seen a snake in that area about ten years ago.

I skirt the area and then do a recognisance before quickly going in, putting the rubbish in the bin and making a hasty retreat.

Well, I’ve been going through some old paperwork during my holidays and have made several trips to the bins.  Of course, on the one trip that I became complacent I heard a bit of a thrashing behind the bins.

“S N A K E”, was screamed out to Mick. A brown snake had shot behind the bins.  I made a very hasty retreat. 

After a little while I thought it would be long gone and was ready to take the rubbish back and have another go at putting it in the bin. However,  Mick decided to just keep an eye on things in case the snake was still around.

Yep, it poked its head out from under one of the bins. Mick gradually moved each bin away and finally made short work of it.

December 2012 Snake 002

Yuck!  That is just too close to the house and Mick’s work area.

December 2012 Snake 006

Of course, I had my good strong snake proof shoes on at the time.  As usual it was me that encountered the snake.  Thank goodness Mick has been at home on each of the many occasions.

December 2012 Snake 014

Now picture what I will be like when I go to the bins in the future.  It will be really comical…..or maybe I can ask Mick nicely?


Judiquilts said...

Janice - too close for comfort. Yes that little snake could get a nice hold of one of your toes! Regards,

loulee said...

I vote for asking Mick!!
Happy New Year.

Susan said...

It's quite unfortunate, but the person who is always on the look out for snakes and has the biggest phobia, is always the one who sees them! Mick might have to be the garbage man I think. Hope your heart has resumed normal beating.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Ewwww..... I had to read this post quickly and get through the photos. Snakes FREAK me OUT !!! Glad it's gone now and hope there are no others around for you xx