Sunday, 8 July 2012

One Perfect Day

Today was just a glorious winter’s day.  We had a bit of a sleep in, so by the time we got up the frost had melted.  Mick suggested that it might even be OK to eat our breakfast on the verandah, which what we like to do on Sundays, and to my delight it wasn’t too cold at all.

Once breakfast was eaten we sat soaking up the SUN, which even had some WARMTH!!!.  Mick went and found the book he was reading and I went and found my SKOW stitching (yes, I am making progress)………and there we stayed…….for hours…….still in our jarmies…till after lunch time……… in the WARM SUNSHINE!!!!! It was more like spring than mid winter, even the slight breeze wasn’t cold.  Joey (our cat) and the chooks were even looking for some shade.

July 12 010

I did venture in to do a couple of loads of washing and hang them and Mick did make us some nice coffee.

I had planned to do a bit of houseworky stuff in the morning and cut and sew some of the little patchwork sections of my quilt in the afternoon, but when the weather is this good, it is best to make the most of it.  Inside stuff can wait till later.

We didn’t stay there all day, though.  Once Mick finished his book he went and cut a load of firewood and when I finished this block I went and cleaned the bathroom, so there was a little something productive done.

ShabbyBlogsDividerKJust so you know why I am so excited by today’s weather, this is what most of our mornings have been like lately……..-5 degrees has been the norm……Brrrrr.

July 12 002 ShabbyBlogsDividerK

In other news, when I heard that Kayly was in town on holidays there was a quick get together arranged.  This consisted of early morning coffee, before I started work and Kayly headed off on more of their adventures.  It was lovely to catch up, seeing as we didn’t see each other at the Sydney Quilt Show.  Of course, with all the yacking, I forgot to take a photo…Doh!


The Alice Springs Beanie Festival exhibition is on display at our local art gallery at the moment, so on Friday I ducked in during my lunch break to have a look.  Firstly, there was a local section, and you could vote for “People’s Choice”.  It was great seeing the talent we have around here, and to see creations made by people we know.

Then it was on to the main exhibition.  It was such a bright, cheerful display.

July 12 005

It is hard to imagine so many interpretations of a beanie.

July 12 006

I wasn’t sure if photos were allowed, so I just took these when I was tucked around a corner.

July 12 007

It’s great that we have to opportunity to see such great works locally.


Finally, I heard on the radio that this year is the final year of Wraps with Love.  I’m not sure if that is the whole project, or just the ABC’s involvement.

Anyway, I like to participate each year, not a complete rug, but a couple of squares to drop in at the library.  We always watch the State  of Origin football in at Mick’s dad’s place and on Wednesday I quickly grabbed the first wool and knitting needles I could find, popped them in my little Hexie Bag and started knitting.  One square down, another to make in the next couple of weeks.

July 12 017


Susan said...

It was nice to be a bit warmer today - glad you got the chance to make the most of it. Your SKOW block looks good. Amazing beanies, but I'm afraid the squares are my limit with knitting. I try to do some every year too. I wonder why it's ending? Hope those frosts stay away a little longer.

Kylie said...

It was a lovely day and glad you got to enjoy the sunshine whilst stitching. Your SKOW is coming along nicely and those beanies are a lot of fun. xxx

Deb R said...

ohh soo jealous your morning sounded wonderful **sigh**

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

I want some time in the sun :)