Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sydney Quilt Show

I travelled down to Sydney on a bus full of crafty ladies last Sunday for the final day of the quilt show.  I was a bit dubious about attending on the Sunday, but everything was still in full swing, although some of the more popular lines of fabric had sold out.  It was certainly still worth going down.

After the bleak, wet, cold day on Saturday it was a pleasant change to be nice and warm in Sydney.

My two good friends that I was with hadn’t been before and they both loved it and want to return next year, maybe for an overnighter, as our time was rather limited on the bus trip.

I had a lovely time checking out the wonderful quilts. The precision stitching is  astounding.  There is no way I’d ever achieve anything like this, so I just enjoy the eye candy.

June 2012 Quilt Show 012

I was trying to think which was my favourite.  I always find myself drawn to medallion style quilts and anything William Morris inspired.  However, I really liked this whole cloth.  I suppose, because I find it rather unattainable.

June 2012 Quilt Show 013

It is titled “Golden Ivory” and was created by Rachelle Denneny.  It has some gold metallic thread through it which is unusual.

June 2012 Quilt Show 016

A fun quilt was “Hooterville” by Wendy Williams.  The pattern for this one is in the current Quilters Companion, so it was nice to see it “in the flesh”, so to speak.

June 2012 Quilt Show 063

It is such a colourful quilt with lots of detail and closely worked quilting.

June 2012 Quilt Show 065

After lunch I attended a Monica Poole workshop on Quilt as You Go (and I learned a couple of new tricks). As I walked in, who should I see but Maree.  It was so nice to catch up with at least one other blogger, as I thought everyone would have gone home by then.  Here we are checking out the great quilts.

June 2012 Quilt Show 070

Of course there was a little retail therapy.  I went down with a huge shopping list – a 2 inch apple core template.  My friends that I was with kept looking for them on all the stalls, but I knew that I had to find the Busy Fingers stand, but had no luck.  Fortunately, Maree pointed me in the right direction and the template was found.  We had inadvertently missed that one aisle.

June 2012 Quilt Show 079

While we were looking for the template, I did find one or two other things that jumped into my bag.

June 2012 Quilt Show 080

We have to support our local suppliers don’t we.

June 2012 Quilt Show 082

Now I just have to use these before next year’s show.  We’ll see how I go.


Susan said...

I'm so glad you had a good time and that Saturdays awful weather had passed for your trip. I think eye candy is an excellent description of the quilts - we can only dream. Lovely purchases. What range is the jelly roll?

Chookyblue...... said...

glad you got to go to the quilt show............shame we missed catching up but i'll be your way soon enough again..........
I'm hoping to go to the quilt show again in 2014.........

Deb R - frog cottage said...

Ohh great purchases Janice!! Glad you got there; the quilts on display were amazing, hooterville was my favourite.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sorry we missed you was a good show...

Kylie said...

Great purchases Janice - I went on Saturday on a bus trip as well. It was a little rushed but I am glad that I got to go. xxx