Saturday 16 June 2012

Another Black and White Finish

I’ve finished my latest black and white project using the scraps and leftovers from Mick’s quilt (which I still haven’t shown a proper finished photo of...oops!).

I showed a little teaser here last time.

I worked on it again on Tuesday night and finally finished it on Wednesday morning.  I think it actually took longer to sew than the big quilt – lots of fiddle faddling happening.

June 2012 001

You probably still have no idea what it is.

Well, here is the finished project.

The front.

June 2012 002

And the back.

June 2012 003

The inside.

June 2012 004

Yes, it is a large art journal.  One of the girls from work is starting Art School in Sydney next week and I made this as a little farewell gift.  She loved Mick’s quilt, so this was appropriate.  I hope she fills it with wonderful doodles and creations. I certainly had fun making it for her.

A finish for the month.  Woo hoo! As always, it was based on Bloom’s great tutorial.

An early night tonight as I’m off to Sydney tomorrow morning on the bus to the Quilt Show at Darling Harbour.  I can’t wait. 


Susan said...

What a thoughtful project. I'm sure she will love it. Have a wonderful time tomorrow. Look forward to hearing all about it.

Deb R said...

have a great time at the show!!! Love the art journal cover, very clever :)