Monday, 29 March 2010

Clever Girls

Saturday was our day for getting together for our craft afternoon.

I just thought I would share this, rather timely (almost) finish.

Our lovely hostess, Pam, started working on Anni Down’s Gardener’s Journal some years ago from a kit, but never finished it. A few months ago she got it out and finished the piecing.  It was then passed on to Val to do the quilting.

On Saturday Val returned the quilt to Pam.


As you can see, the girls were trying their best to hide.  Pam is on the left and Val on the right.  Pam stitches beautifully.  She has a large collection of porcelain dolls she has made over the years, and the work in their clothes is exquisite.  Here is a closer look at the quilt.

Val really enjoyed the quilting on this as she could play with some  custom quilting patterns in the different sections.

2010_0327March20100028It is a gorgeous quilt and all you ladies joining in the stitch a long should have a lovely time.  I’ll just cheer from the side line.