Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Travel All Over the Countryside

Poor Mick.  He no sooner arrived home on Friday and we left again on Saturday morning to go to Lake Cargelligo to my Aunt’s 90th birthday party.  She can’t believe she is 90 and still has three elder brothers and an elder sister living.

Lake Cargelligo is about 400kms west of here.  Three weeks ago the Lake was empty.  Due to the ongoing drought the Lachlan River was being stopped at Condobolin and all people downstream had no access to any water from the river.  It was a dire situation and the first time the Lake has been empty since it was created in the early 1900s.

Fortunately, due to the recent good rainfall some water has been released down the Lachlan and the Lake is now about 40% full.  It looks spectacular. This was the view from our motel window very early on Sunday morning.


We went for a walk and this was the lovely sunrise. It was the start of a very hot day.


It is about 20 years since we have been out there and we could not have chosen a better time to visit.  Everything is looking lovely and green.  Quite a contrast to recent times.

On the way home on Sunday we were impressed with the lovely red soil of the paddocks ready for sowing the winter crops. Here’s hoping there is good follow up rain and a bumper yield is harvested later in the year.



Cardygirl said...

Great pics! Your travels have been so interesting...thanks for sharing!

Bec said...

Definately poor Mick! All that travelling then to turn around and do some more! Your aunty is doing well to reach 90! Beautiful photos....

Jewells said...

Great photos and even greater descriptions. I am enjoying reading about your trip, keep it up!

loulee said...

You sure put some miles in recently. Looks like it was all worth it though with loads of lovely photos to help keep lovely memories.