Thursday, 24 May 2018

One Adventure Ends

Sunday was the final day of the balloons and the morning event was Kavanagh Balloons Key Grab.  The idea is that there is a giant key on a flagpole and you have to fly your balloon close enough to grab the key.  If that is achieved you win a new Balloon Basket, which is quite some prize.

Just as we arrived one balloon got ever so close, but no cigar.

It was fun watching the balloons trying to get close.  The ideal area that they would drift in from had a tree in the way and the breeze kept taking them away from the key at the last minute.  No one else got anywhere near the key while we were watching.

We did get to enjoy seeing lots of balloons again though.

It was fun seeing all their different approaches. Some were nearly touching the ground and moved ever so gracefully across the sports ground.  They were disqualified if they touched the ground, which happened to a couple of balloons.

However, I'm not sure that this balloon was meant to be so low behind the houses.  It must have nearly touched one.

What we also noticed was how young some of the pilots were.

After that we packed up and headed for home, but we called in at the Cudal Swap Meet on the way.  You can't pass a swap meet.  

I'm  really glad we did call in as I found a Swedish Ivy plant that I have been looking for to replace one that got frosted last year.  They aren't one you seem to be able to get at a nursery.  Happy dance.  It will live inside for the winter.

The autumn trees were looking a treat as we drove through Orange.  They don't call it "The Colour City" for nothing.

When we arrived home we were delighted to see that we had visitors.  Our friends from Rockhampton had arrived to spend a bit of time with us.


Gail said...

I love seeing balloons! I've always wanted to go to the big event in New Mexico-hum perhaps I should add that to the list of places to visit!?

Chookyblue...... said...

The balloons are beatiful......