Sunday, 27 May 2018

Abba Dabba Doo

Finally, the day arrived.  The main day of the Trundle Abba Festival.

We dressed in our finery and ventured forth.

This year the format was different.  Previously, the happenings throughout the day were in the main street and only the evening concert, which has an entry fee, was in Berryman Park, which is fenced off.

This year, everything was in Berryman Park - markets, food and support bands etc. and there was an entry fee to the venue, which also included the concert.  There were mixed views in relation to the change.  Some felt it was all too expensive, while others felt that it is the only way that the event can be maintained financially, as it costs about $200,000 to put on.  We just went with the flow.

However, we did go up the main street in the morning.  When we got there, there were loads of people and plenty to see, as coincidentally the Parkes Antique Motor Club was hosting their Pre 1930s vintage car rally and they travelled to Trundle.  There were about 120 beautifully presented vintage cars.  What a sight!  This wasn't part of the festival, but it certainly was a hit with the many visitors to town.

Of course, everyone knows I'm a little fond of old cars.  I had fun checking out the bonnet emblems.

While we were there the Abba train arrived, carrying enthusiastic, colourfully dressed fans.  We were surprised at the number of carriages.  This means of transport was very popular.

Trundle is famous for its wide street (the widest in NSW) and its pub (the longest pub verandah in NSW).

The verandah was the perfect vantage point to see just how many cars were in the street - and that isn't all of them.

Oh yeah, there are our crew as well.  The idea was to emulate the Dancing Queen album cover, but we looked more like the Blues Brothers, but those little white hats were the best for finding each other in a crowd.

Once we arrived at Berryman Park we started to really see some fun outfits. 

Let the entertainment begin.


There was a talent quest.

The band "Amite" from Parkes got everyone up and dancing.  They performed here last year and I reckon they have really improved since then, (and they also had a much better stage and sound system than in the main street).  These girls have seriously powerful voices and a put on a great show.

It was all so colourful.

And the crowd kept growing. (Notice the lady knitting in the front row)

Official things took place just before the main concert.  Our dignitaries dressed in their full Abba garb are Michael McCormack (Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) on the left and Ken Keith (Mayor of Parkes Shire Council) on the right.  It's so good to see them getting into the spirit of things.

As usual, the main concert is performed by "Bjorn Again", arguably the best Abba tribute band in the world. 

Everyone was having a marvelous time.

It was a bit sad that it all had to come to an end.

There was more happening at the pub after the concert, but we were happy to return to our fire.

Another fun day had come to an end.

Oh, and I nearly forgot - during the afternoon I received a phone message to go to a certain stall to collect my raffle prize from the quilt show.  How exciting.

Isn't it a lovely cushion and beautifully made.

But not only that, there was more - I also won the lucky door prize!! A hamper of all sorts of pamper items.  I couldn't believe my luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice wow what a wonderful event to go too,so much to see,loving some of the costumes and those cars are amazing,thankyou for sharing with us and also congrats on your lovely win xx

Lilbitbrit said...

Such interesting costumes and the cars a great. Enjoy your travels.

Fiona said...

what fun... ABBA music is so happy too ....

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Fun, fun, fun....I think JoJomwould love this! And wow what good luck to win the prizes!

Jenny said...

Lucky you winning those prizes! I love the thought of the Abba train, what a fun way to travel to the concert.