Thursday, 23 November 2017

Further North

Despite my prediction yesterday, we had another lovely sunrise this morning. A nice way to end our stay at Tuross Heads. 

We had a huge trip ahead of us - all the way to Batemans Bay, about 50kms up the road. We had checked into the caravan park by 10.30am. 

As we had heaps of time, we finally got the deadly treadlies off the back of the van and went for a ride.  There is a good cycle track here and it is nice and flat.  Most important. 

We last stayed in Batemans Bay 29 years ago. Back then we stayed at the Coach House Caravan Park, which was winning lots of awards at the time. It no longer exists and seems to now be an upmarket event venue. The town has changed so much in that time, so much so that we don’t really recognise much at all. The marina is rather upmarket. 

Don’t you love the old timber boats. 

We heard mention that there was a new sculpture of an octopus in town and just happened upon it. It turns out it is the inaugural sculpture in a new seaside sculpture walk, which should be nice along the waterfront. 

Speaking of the waterfront, we were ready for lunch. There are so many options to choose from. We couldn’t go past The Boatshed, seeing as we had lunch at another Boatshed yesterday. (I don’t think there is any connection between them.)

It doesn’t matter if you have fish and chips two days running if you at the seaside. Once again it was delicious. 

We had company, but were good and read the sign not to feed the seagulls. 

Back on our ride we noticed that the sky was getting decidedly black. We still had heaps of time to get back to the van before it hit. We did get a storm come across. Quite a bit of lightning and thunder, some nice rain, but thankfully no hail this time. 

After it stopped raining we headed out to explore the beach. It is surprising how the beaches vary. This time there was lots of seaweed, where we had seen very little on the previous beaches. The storm had moved on, but there was still lightning to be seen in that inky sky. 

The sea was really calm, after it being quite choppy before the storm arrived. It wa funny though, as there was this one spot where a single wave would form and come into the beach.

We had heard and seen a lot of cockatoos flying over and they were quite close to where we entered the beach. On closer inspection it was a mix of sulphur crested cockatoos and corellas. They were having a great time devouring the seed pods. 

We are here for another day, so it will be nice and lazy again. We are getting quite used to this holiday caper now.


Jenny said...

I love fresh fish, and it looks like Mick has a side dish of raw oysters. I can only eat oysters battered and deep fried - just delicious.

Jenny said...

PS: Just as you are getting used to being in holiday mode - it must be time to get back to work.

Maria said...

Seems strange to me to see the sun rise over the ocean..It sets here in the West...
Oh yes Batemans Bay sure has changed since we visited too!
Those Fish and Chips sure look delicious.. Were they just as nice in Tathra, I can't remember...LOL