Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Another Lazy Day

I had been saying that I should get a sunrise over the ocean photo while we were at Tathra, but I was too lazy to get up early and walk down to the beach. This morning was different. All I had to do was look out the window beside the bed to see the sunrise over the water and it wasn’t too great an effort to stand at the back of the van and take a photo. It was worth it. 

We didn’t really have a plan for the day, so hopped in the Ute and went exploring. We had seen some pine trees on a point at the opposite side of the Tuross Lake. This turned out to be Potato Point, which is quite small. This headland is right at the point. 

The turn off is in the village of Bodalla, which has a rather cute Catholic Church. The entire sides of the building are clad in shingles. 

Our next port of call was Dalmeny. Another nice quiet seaside town with a river running into the sea, so you get both quiet waters and surf. The surf was up today and one fellow was having a great time out in it. 

After getting some groceries we walked to the other side of Tuross Heads to Tuross Lake to have some late lunch. On the way a fellow offered to take our photo, which was nice of him. 

The Boatshed is a popular cafe on Tuross Lake. 

The building is quite historic, with the flood levels recorded on the wall. 

The food was good. 

You know that all is well with the world when the seagulls are there hoping for a chip or two. 

We enjoyed checking out the gardens on our walk. This one took my eye. 

On close inspection there was a lot of a pretty pink flower. It is indigo, which is also known as summer wisteria. We have some in our garden and I have never seen another plant. It looks lovely planted en masse. 

The house next door had a terraced garden, full of flowers and veges. Everything looked so very healthy and colourful. 

Once back at our van site we did the important job of reading a book. There are quite a few water dragons living in the rocks between the park and the beach. This fellow was one of the larger ones, at about 70-80 cm long, and he sat patiently for his portrait. They aren’t a bit scared of people. 

When we went for a walk on the beach we saw a white bellied eagle. We had also seen one while we were having lunch. 

One Tree Point looked different in the twilight. This would be a great whale watching site in the right season. We are about a month too late. One day we will see a whale. 

There are a lot of large logs on the beach. You wonder what the weather must be like for them to wash so far up the beach. 

Speaking of weather, there has been a bank of cloud gradually moving in from the west. At this rate there may not be any sunrise photo in the morning. 

We really like this area and especially this little caravan park. It is nice and quiet and is so well positioned. We think we could easily spend a very lazy week here. But for now, our travels continue tomorrow. 


Chookyblue...... said...

a million years ago before I kills a coupe of gardens with lack of water I tried a summer wisteria or two and they just thought it was not the best place.........too hot I think here an died.............they are very pretty.......

Maria said...

I've enjoyed travelling long with you both... hubby and I have visited many of the places on our travels many years ago and boy have some nice you are having a great time away.

Jenny said...

More great holiday snaps, and that's a lovely one of both of you. It's good not to be too rushed while on holiday - time for both relaxing and a good look around.
The water dragon looks rather like our NZ tuatara.