Sunday, 5 February 2017

Reconnecting in January

This is my first year of having a word for the year "Reconnect".  To keep me honest I will try to look back at the end of each month and see how I went.  So for January, here goes......


Not so well.  I started a book with the plan that I would read during my lunch breaks at work. The book I chose was Tim Winton's latest book "The Boy Behind the Curtain".  I have failed for two reasons, firstly it is not riveting.  It is his autobiography and an enjoyable read, but not a book that I can't put down.  Also, I don't seem to have had many lunch breaks with time to read.  I will keep reading it, but may start another more exciting book as well.


Nailed it!  We explored:



and Lithgow.  Not bad for one month and all being within about an hour from home.


Well, I made some butterfly magnets and  did a tiny bit of stitching sitting beside the Oberon Dam.  I suppose that is something??!!  My excuse is that being summer time we are spending more time outside.  The evenings are light and the garden needs watering.  Besides, we don't seem to have been home long enough to do anything.


I tidied my sewing room.  It was an absolute mess.  Apart from all my excessive amount of "Stuff", I had brought home some of Mum's and it had just been dumped.  You can now move around, but I haven't decluttered any.

We have gone through some boxes of "Stuff" that we brought with us from our old home and prepared it put for sale on swap meets.  Not a big lot, but a start.  I definitely have to keep working on this one.


I bought the February edition of Better Homes and Gardens one Friday at the supermarket and liked the look of a dessert "Ricotta Honey Tart with Ginger Coconut Crust", so let's strike while the iron is hot. 

I bought the ingredients, invited some friends over for a casual Saturday night barbecue and experimented on them.

Success.  I'll definitely be making that one again.

We have also spent quite a bit of time in the garden, but I will share that in a separate post later.


Nothing there.  Then again, it is only the start of the year and this will a surprise if and when it does happen.


We have seen friends and of course, there was the casual tart dinner and our day out down the mountains.  We also had the pleasure of having Chookyblue and Fairy Girl visit, which was lovely.


Nope.  But we didn't expect to.


I think this ties in with this month's explore category.  We made the time to have special days out together and they really were lovely days.  Ones we will look back on.  "Remember that day when we...." type days.


I don't think I did too badly. What is obvious is that the time of year will affect how I perform in different areas.  Once it cools down and the days get shorter there will be more indoor and homely things going on. It will be interesting to see how the year progresses.


Jewells said...

The tart looks exactly like the pictured one..WELL DONE!

Rachaeldaisy said...

You have been really making the most of this year so far!! Well done for organising your sewing room. That always feels like a big job. I love seeing your travel photos and that tart looks amazing!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

So glad you are seeing progress happening with your year of 'reconnect'...and yrs, get a riveting book. I've returned to reading and made the decision the books have to be worth it. LOL. That tart looks delicious!